5 Beer-Tails From Around The World

For many Americans, nothing is better than a good ol’ beer.

I remember once asking if people ever mixed beer like they do hard alcohol, and the responses I received ranged from incredulous to disgusted. Apparently such a notion was unheard of, and I closed my case there. It was only when I began traveling to other countries that I realized mixed brews were actually quite common, not to mention delicious and nothing to be ashamed of. Tired of drinking your usual brews? Here are five delicious beer-tails that make plain old lagers dangerously drinkable.

1. Cider

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The first time I saw cider on a bar menu, my American brain immediately thought apple cider (the virgin kind, of course). With one sip, I learned that a cider in Europe is actually a cross between a beer and apple soda. Called Snakebite in the UK and in parts of Ireland, this adult apple juice is a light, upbeat alternative to your everyday brewski.

2. Michelada

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This perky beer-tail has its roots in Mexico, and is traditionally made with Mexican beer, salt, lime, and a variation of chili sauces and spices. The mix of distinctly Latin American flavors is perfect for those who like a punch of heat in their drinks, and some variations even call for Worcestershire sauce—Bloody Mary lovers take note.

3. Clara, Shandy, Alster, or Panaché

lemon beer
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My first sip of a “clara,” which in Spain is generally a mix of beer and lemon Fanta, was perfect after a long day in the Barcelona sun. The combination of lemony soda and beer, which is served under different aliases depending on the country, makes for a refreshing thirst quencher with a kick. Serve alongside a fresh batch of calamari for the ultimate afternoon comfort snack.

4. Monaco

drink monaco beer

This glamorously named concoction comes from none other than the French. Think “clara” with a shot of grenadine, the sweet pink syrup they squeeze into cocktails and Italian soda. Chic and luxurious, a Monaco is the Shirley Temple of beer.

5. Shandygaff, aka Ginger Beer

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Popularly known as shandygaff in the UK, this drink is ginger ale with an even bolder taste, without all the empty sweetness. Though made in the UK, I first tried Crabbie’s Ginger Beer in the states, accompanied harmoniously with a delicious burger. Add a generous squeeze of lime to a chilled glass of Crabbie’s, and you’re one step closer to nirvana. Oh, and don’t think you’re done at just one.

Missed your favorite beer-tail? Please share it with us!

Desiree Constance Choy

Desiree is from San Francisco, California. She is an actress, known for 13 Reasons Why (2017), I Won't Give Up (2014) and Dreality (2016).

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