4 Easy, Healthy & Quick Dishes To Make Abroad

No more excuses for those extra pounds you put on the road! Here are instant and easy fixes for your HEALTHY & DELISH life abroad. Uh-oh, snap!

1. Tuna and avocado

Stolen from my resourceful friend who I met while in Spain, this dish is the perfect combination of salty, healthy, and filling. Simply mix a can of tuna, a cut-up avocado, and some sesame seeds in a bowl with a little vinaigrette, and voila! Alternatively, skip the sesame seeds and buy some whole-wheat crackers instead. You can make this savory mix into a filling spread.

tuna avocado
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2. Oatmeal with a twist

Every oatmeal lover has their own version of the perfect combination but mine personally is plain oatmeal, peanut butter, raisins, and sometimes, bananas. Most of the ingredients are easy to find abroad (except, maybe peanut butter) and it keeps you full for those all-day adventures.

UNSPLASH Olga Kudriavtseva

3. Quinoa with peppers, eggplant, and zucchini.

The trick to this healthy meal is to sauté the veggies separately because they all cook at different times. Everything cooks quickly though, so your meal will be ready just in time for your afternoon tour! This meal is low maintenance, one pot, one pan, and you’re done.


4. A healthy smoothie

For the smoothie lovers among us, we know that some countries specialize in these fresh fruit concoctions and some…fall a little short. As long as you have a blender in whichever kitchen you’re currently calling home – you will be all set. One quick tip, buy fruits that are less likely to be contaminated. When abroad, I usually make smoothies with things I can peel like bananas, oranges, kiwis rather than berries.

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Amanda Rodrigues


When Amanda is not traveling the world, she is developing her writing skills and working on manuscripts. Her favorite cities are Barcelona, Venice and home!

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