2 Places To Enjoy The Best Social Eats In Barcelona


Flickr Adriano Agulló La Boqueria Barcelona

Photo: Flickr/Adriano Agulló

Nothing beats experiencing a new place as much as enjoying the cuisine that it has on offer.

Barcelona definitely has a lot on offer when it comes to food. This vibrant Catalan city can’t really be summed up in one word; it’s colorful, lively, fun, social, edgy, fresh and tasty from dawn to dusk. Every street you turn down is lined with rows of people (locals and tourists) enjoying great food with a drink in hand.

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To start off your culinary journey of Barcelona and to make the most from the city’s great food scene, first head to La Boqueria – a large public food market off La Ramblas. Due to its location, you have to take it with a sizable handful of touristy salt, but this doesn’t reduce the love you will develop for the range of varied food stalls on offer. Meats, cheese, vegetables, fruits, fish, and chocolates.

Flickr friedwater La Boqueria Barcelona

Photo: Flickr/friedwater

In my opinion, Barcelona’s true pièce de résistance are the pinchos hangouts in the Poble Sec area. Before I visited Barcelona I never knew these delights existed. Quite simply, pinchos are medium-to-small-sized pieces of food on toothpicks or cocktail sticks. These bars act as a communal gathering point, typically made up of a few tables, bar stools or ledges to perch yourself whilst balancing your selection of sticks. They are usually some sort of toasted bread with a topping put together in an amazing art form, eaten in less than a minute and typically washed down with an Estrella (served in a chilled to perfection glass.) To top it off, each one on average will only cost you about a euro.

Flickr Jun Seita pinchos

Photo: Flickr/Jun Seita

After completing a pinchos bar crawl, I am still unsure as to whether the Spanish replace dinner with these or whether they get hungry when going to the bar. Whatever the reasoning behind it, I am fully in favor and suggest other cities take a stick or two out of Barcelona’s book.

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