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If “paradise” is a word you’ve become accustomed to using when dreaming of summer holidays, then sign yourself up for a Turkish cruise with the company Blue Cruises. Blue Cruises charters yachts that meander through the islands off the Turkish mainland. Organize your own group and book a private boat, or venture with a couple of friends or your partner to join other travelers with Busabout’s Sail Turkey.

Sail Turkey is an escape, where your only concerns include deciding what book to read whilst tanning, or whether to sleep in your cabin or on the deck under the stars. Your days are spent absorbing as much vitamin D as humanly possible, with the occasional plunge into the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean.

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Accompanying the boat is a full crew trained to navigate, cook your meals and provide endless entertainment for all on board. Over the course of the 8 days spent floating from island to island, it is inevitable to create close connections with the other travelers on the boat. Meal times are spent together and nights are comprised of countless cocktails and light-hearted banter with your newfound friends.

The boat departs each cove at sunrise, reaching the next island bay before lunch and just in time for your morning swim. Bring with inflatable tubes and prepare to float off into the backdrop of island foliage intertwining with the orange and pink palette that is the sunset.

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When you’re not dozing off to the sound of gentle waves lapping the sides of the boat, you have the opportunity to explore the various islands you are anchored beside. From valleys of butterflies, ancient ruins and quaint market places, your daily dose of culture can still be maintained.

The Sail Turkey boat departs from a sailing town on Turkey’s mainland called Fethiye on a weekly schedule. It is recommended to arrive in Fethiye the day before departure and find a hotel for the night to avoid the stress of being late and missing it!

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