The Ultimate 2021 Style Guide

With a new year comes a new sense of style, maybe even a return of the 2000s fashions we thought we’d never see again.

2021 fashion trends

Either way, a new year is the perfect chance to reinvent yourself and find clothing pieces that speak to you. Here are seven 2021 fashion trends you can look forward to this coming year.

Mesh Printed Tops

2021 fashion trend
Image by @through.herlens_ on Instagram

This is one of my personal favorite upcoming trends. Mesh tops have been in style for a while now, as well as zebra and cow prints. But the combination of the two makes an outfit look both unique and dressed up. Renaissance art, in general, has gone pretty viral on TikTok and so a lot of mesh shirts with art from that era will definitely be more popular in 2021.

Tiny Purses

2021 fashion trend
Image by @jwpei_official on Instagram

From the 90s through 2000s, tiny purses look like they’re here to stay in the new year. I remember my mom having a small Coach purse that I absolutely worshipped growing up and now here I am, eyeing one for myself. But you don’t need a Coach bag to follow this trend! Tons of smaller businesses are selling great quality tiny purses in stunning colors. I already know green purses are going to be a statement piece for next year, so check these out from JW PEI.

Fun Jackets

fun jackets
INSTAGRAM @imparfaiteparis

If anyone remembers the colorful puffer trend from early 2020, I can say it’s going to be back again. But unlike last time, the fashionable jackets in 2021 are less about big pops of color and more about unique patterns, textures, and silhouettes. For example, cropped puffers in cream or off-white are here to stay and so are long fuzzy coats and vintage jackets. This year is all about making an entrance with your outerwear.

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans

Meet the daughter of the infamous mom jean: the straight leg jean. I love this trend and find high-waisted straight leg jeans extremely flattering because you can find both fitted and baggy styles based on whatever you’re comfortable wearing! I’ve definitely been seeing more light wash and patchwork jeans as well, so we’ll see which direction 2021 leads us!

Square Toe Slip On Heels

2021 fashion trend
Image by @songsofstyle on Instagram

Square toe heels are the epitome of elegance. Even though I’m not a huge fan of the shape when I look at the shoe by itself, when they’re paired with the right outfit it just screams effortless beauty! In 2021, you can definitely expect a lot more low maintenance shoes going in fashion, perhaps partly because we’ve gotten so used to being at home. Square toe heels are just the start to a year full of comfortable footwear!

Eclectic Knit Sweaters

2021 fashion trend
Image by @natashahmedx on Instagram

Funky knit sweaters take the cake on 2021 trends. I love how they can be so many different colors and truly encompass the uniqueness each person’s style is. Plus, if you’re from somewhere cold like me, they’re perfect for layering long sleeves underneath or a large coat on top. These sweaters are a huge hit because they can be dressed up or down too!

Monochrome Sets

2021 fashion trend
Image by @shop.unruly on Instagram

Last but not least, I definitely see the rise of popularity with monochrome sets in 2021. I feel like many people have cleaned out their wardrobe over quarantine these last few months so the basics will be back in style in 2021. Monochrome looks are great for making an outfit appear put together even when it’s just a sweatshirt and sweatpants. It’s also easy to shop once you’ve got a solid color palette in your closet! I see more muted colors like white, black, brown, cream, and sage, and dusty pink being in fashion this year!

Shrusti Goswami

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Shrusti is a passionate writer and poet. You can often find her drinking a cup of coffee and finding new places to go with her friends and family. After college, it’s her dream to keep traveling the world and bring diverse stories to the big screen.

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