The 5 Most Important Aspects Of Your Engagement Party

When you’re planning an engagement party, there are many things you have to track and organize. Between sending out invites, arranging for catering, and more, it can be challenging to prioritize and decide what things you should lock down on first. This has a significant impact on your budget if you spend too much on frivolous things. 

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If you’re planning a surprise party for your partner, your job gets doubly tricky. Not only do you not have their support, but you also have to hide the planning and set up process actively to ensure they get a good surprise. If you’re here, this means you’re struggling to figure things out, and we’re here to help! If you are planning your party, get engagement signs personalized by kate. Here are the top 5 things you should focus on first. 

Catering or Food 

If you’re inviting friends and family over, you will have to ensure they don’t go back hungry. Whether you have an engagement party at home or a hotel or restaurant, food is an extremely important part of your party. If you’re hosting this party at an establishment, you have to finalize all details with management as soon as you can. 

If you’re having the party at home with fewer people, you will still have to arrange for food. If you like to cook, you should think of doing something like a barbecue so you can dress up the place without arousing your partner’s suspicions. You can also support your local restaurants and have them cater for your party safely through delivery.  


In all the hoopla about the engagement party, don’t forget the most crucial part of the event – the ring. This is the ring you will propose to your partner, and it signifies the beginning of the rest of your lives. Make sure you don’t spend the ring budget on the party!  

You’ll have this ring for the rest of your life, so you should take your time and consider your partner’s aesthetics when you buy it. When purchasing rings, diamonds are the most popular option. However, if your partner likes to experiment, you could also choose other options like a ruby ring or even a semi-precious stone ring. 


There are more avenues of communication open to us than ever before. While traditionally invites used to be printed on paper, you can now also send digital invites to your family and friends. This is, of course, assuming you aren’t simply calling the people invited and getting confirmations over the phone or text. 

Your invite will depend on the sort of party you have. If it is a formal engagement party, you are better off sticking to traditional paper invites. If you are having a less formal surprise party, then you could pick whatever invite you want. If you have friends who are artists, consider commissioning them to commemorate your engagement with a picture you could use in your invites. 


Years down the line, you and your fiancé will look back on pictures and videos of your engagement and indulge yourselves in nostalgia. For this to happen, you need to hire a professional photographer for your event. In this age of excellent camera phones, you might reconsider hiring a professional. 

However, only a professional will be able to take intimate, tasteful photographs that you can fondly look back on. You can also speak to your photographer and ask them about adding an extra photoshoot to your package where you and your spouse can take couples’ pictures. Remember to ask about videos specifically, as many professionals charge for them separately. 


Many engagement parties are adult-only parties, which means there will typically be alcohol. Since alcohol operates under a different license, you cannot expect those catering for you to arrange for it. If you have your party at a restaurant, ask them about packages you can book that would include alcohol. 

If you have your party at home, ask your friends to help you stock up on booze for your party. If you want special drinks like sangria to be served, you will make to give someone the responsibility to make it beforehand and bring it. If you don’t want alcohol at your party, buy non-alcoholic beverages that people can sip on while talking and catching up. Pro-tip: You can even hire a local bartender to serve both cocktails and cocktails from a makeshift bar if your party is at home! 


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