Style File: The 5 Pieces Every Fashion Forward Woman Has

Fashion is an intriguing yet complex subject.

Style File: The 5 Pieces Every Fashion Forward Woman Has

What’s the difference between personal style and general fashion sense? And, how do I know what to wear in order to actually be stylish? At the end of the day, it’s about personal preference and taste. However, if you’re feeling a little lost and looking to build your wardrobe up to be a little more versatile, whilst still looking chic and on-trend, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best pieces to ensure you have in your wardrobe this year, that’ll have you looking put together at any given time. 

The Slip Skirt

There is something to be said for an item that can look just as good when styled with sneakers and a knit as it does with strappy stilettos and a silk bandeau. The slip skirt is an iconic piece due to its unflappable nature. Throw it into any social event and with the right accessories, it will look perfectly appropriate. The slip can come in a variety of fabrics, but glossy silk is by far the most eye-catching. Unlike many other staple pieces, it’s not a major prerequisite for it to come in a neutral tone in order to be ultra wearable. Stock up in jewel tones, or rich rusted shades in an item that adds a little bit more beauty to your everyday ensemble. And, if you really want to luck out when purchasing this slinky staple, you can earn Qantas Points when you shop at David Jones next time you decide to make the sartorial update.  

The simple cut of the slip means that even in a sheeny, brightly coloured fabric, it still looks effortless, cascading elegantly over the legs and gently skimming the ankle. It can be worn with tanks, tees or crop tops with a chunky sandal for an easy summer style. Simply swapping out a few bits and pieces can take this skirt anywhere, from your office to the ballet, to drinks or dinner. Don’t skip out on this exquisite item. 

Go-To Denim Jeans 

As cliche as it is, jeans really are that go-to staple that is always on trend. Whilst there is always an on-trend cut or wash, it’s all about finding the shape that flatters you the most and boosts your confidence. Once you’ve found this cut then you’re ready to go. Denim goes with just about everything, you can dress them up with a dainty stiletto and silk shirt for the perfect dinner style, or dress down with a pair of sneakers and tank top for an “I just threw this on” look. Their classic appearance and versatility are what make them evergreen in the fashion world, being seen on everyone from front row darlings to the teenage girls you went to school with. There’s a reason the statement “jeans and a nice top” is memorialised in every woman’s brain. 

Denim also has the unique ability to be both a classic and a trend. Of course, there are styles that come in an out of trend, but even if you invest in an on-trend cut, it’s essentially a given that they’ll come back into style again, so they’re worth holding onto. Jeans are that item that looks totally effortless when worn, meaning they’ll always have a place in the stylish woman’s arsenal. 

The Classic Ankle Boot

There is always some iteration of the boot that is on-trend, be it the go-go boot of the late 1960s, or the suede over-the-knee pick of the late 2010s. The boot allows us to look stylish, without sacrificing the comfort that we forfeit when opting for a classic stiletto. However, like the classic denim jeans, whilst there are trending styles, one classic remains eternally stylish no matter the year. The ankle boot is a stylish offering that goes with virtually every outfit. From classic denim to a printed mini, midi, or maxi, the ankle skimming shoe never looks out of place.

 Of course, don’t underestimate this boot, it can definitely adapt to the times. The ankle boot can be seen with a platform heel, a cuban heel, or sometimes no heel at all, just to name a few. And, you’ll find them in every toe type, from the revised retro style square style currently in style to the dramatic point, popular with those who want to make a statement. The ankle boot fulfils a niche, popular in teenage magazines of time past in which an item can go ‘from desk to drinks’. Its eternally chic appearance and extreme versatility is what makes the ankle boot a fashion staple for the stylish women of today.  

The Best Basic Tank Or Tee

 A basic tank or tee may not be your first initial thought when you think of pieces a stylish woman would wear, but we’re here to show you why they absolutely are. This item is a simple classic that can be worn alone with a plethora of different style choices. It gives off a relaxed and understated look, making your overall look seem effortless. It can also act as a great layering piece, acting as extra warmth, coverage, or simply as a block of neutral colour to balance an otherwise busy outfit. Above all, one of the reasons the tank or tee of your preference is such a hero piece in your wardrobe is because it is not a one size fits all cut. As previously mentioned, it can be a t-shirt, or a singlet top, tight and ribbed, or loose and baggy. The right cut can be worn year round and can be chopped and changed depending on the style pairings, to fit virtually any occasion. 

The ‘Goes With Everything’ Leather Jacket

When it comes to jackets, there are so many to choose from, in fact, the stylish women in your life generally have a bunch in their arsenal to choose from. Ready to pick something to flatter any style, for every occasion. However, there is one that sits at the top as eternally cool and versatile, and it’s the leather biker jacket. Another jacket that was on the shortlist to contend as the outerwear to rule them all, was the blazer. A well-fitting blazer looks incredible and perfectly elevates an outfit, but it’s the leather biker jacket that has that unique cool factor so many strive for. Seen on style icons for decades, the biker jacket was originally worn by men, but that’s exactly what makes it look so incredible on women.

The traditionally tough and masculine silhouette looks fantastic on women, and works well with both traditionally androgynous or masculine leaning styles as well as overtly feminine outfits, as a simple way to create edge, and dimension to a simple ensemble. It’s been memorialised in magazines and reimagined by leading fashion houses for decades. The biker can be worn almost anywhere and is an absolute must to incorporate into your wardrobe. 

Elevate Your Look with Accessories

When we put together our outfits, accessories are the last thing we think about, but it is not an easy thing to find accessories that match your style and complete your look.
Some fashion accessories like belts, scarves, bags, or stylish sunglasses usually have their practical function, like serving as a fashionable way to update and transform the rest of your look.

You can play with colors and patterns. If you want to make everyone forget that you’ve already worn those clothes several times, you should not be afraid to use bright, sparkly, bold-colored, or patterned accessories with your already known outfit. Be open to experiments, and add uniqueness with jewelry, bags, shoes, hair accessories, eyewear, or even tights.

Use accessorizing as a way to accentuate your own personality and unique style.

So there you have it, the best pieces that will ensure you look incredible all of the time. These items can be picked up at any price point, and therefore are not restricted to women with a specific budget. After you’ve purchased these picks, watch as your wardrobe is suddenly that much more versatile. 

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