How To Find And Create Your Signature Style

Defining a style that works for you and your body can take some time.

How To Find And Create Your Signature Style

Naturally, you need to expect to make some mistakes along the way in finding your perfect look. Experimenting, playing with new ideas and trying different looks is all part of the process and is not something you should shy away from. You might also experiment with different types of accessories at different stages, try different types of garments such as shapewear or go through a trendy phase. We have all been there at one point or another on the road to creating a signature style that we can truly be proud of. 

There are a lot of incredible signature styles out there that you no doubt remember from your favourite movies, bands or celebrities. When you are going in search of your very own signature style, however, it’s important to remember that key word “signature”. The idea is to find and create a style that is unique to you and that reflects your personality in the best way possible. With that said, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel completely. Feel free to borrow and steal from different trends, style icons and looks that inspire you or that you think just look cool! With the right approach to developing a signature style, you can ensure that you find a look that you will love. 

Let’s take a look at some useful tips that will help you to find and create your signature style. 

Identify What You Like 

As we mentioned briefly above, to develop a signature style, you don’t need to come up with a brand new concept that has never been seen before. In fact, a good place to begin is often by identifying those styles that you do like. Outfits that have truly caught your attention on TV, throughout different decades or particular looks that different celebrities or influencers have worn are always a good place to start. As you start to build a collection of these items in your mind, start to look for commonalities between the different items or looks and soon patterns will begin to emerge. 

Seek Out Inspiration 

Coming up with some adjectives for how you want your style to look is always a wise decision when it comes to developing a signature style. For example, you might want your look to be comfy, slouchy, slick, sharp, alternative, sporty or any other range of adjectives. Using these words, jump onto your favourite visual-heavy social media platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram, enter your adjectives and take things from there. You will be bombarded by countless versions of the look that you are trying to develop, from which you can borrow anything you like the look of, in the name of being inspired. 

Make It Unique 

In most signature styles there is a particular element or number of elements that help the look to really stand out. It may be a particular colour that appears in almost every outfit, either as a big feature or in a smaller way such as in an accessory On the other hand, it might be as simple as wearing a hat or a bandana with every outfit that you string together. Or maybe a particular pattern such as strips or polka dots will be seen regularly in your outfits. Whatever the case may be, finding a way to make your outfits truly stand out with one or multiple common elements is essential in making your signature style recognisable. 

Commit To Your Style 

Once you have finally committed to a new signature style that you love, you need to ensure that you continue to buy fashion pieces that match that style. Sometimes you might see something that you think would look great on you but if it doesn’t truly represent who you are and what you are all about, it will probably end up gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe after one outing. Commit to the style that you have worked so hard to create and continue to buy garments that feed into that particular look. However, it’s also important to note that this idea does not have to be your signature style for the rest of your days so don’t be afraid to change things up again down the line if you’re feeling it.  

Define A Personal Style That You Will Truly Enjoy

Finding a unique personal style that really does represent you and who you are can take time. However, remember that ultimately fashion should be a fun way of expressing yourself so don’t take things too seriously. With the right approach, you can have plenty of fun, ensure that you look amazing, feel more confident than ever and be ready to head out into the world with your head held high, no matter where you might be going.  

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