CBD Wholesale Distributors: Choosing The Best

When it comes to CBD products, you can’t just assume what you see is what you get.


Especially when you are ordering from an online dispensary. For those interested in buying bulk and wholesale CBD products, it’s even more important to make sure who you are buying from.

Unfortunately, amongst the hundreds of honest online sellers, there are double as much online scammers. These scammers are pretending to have bulk products of high quality, once arrived at your location you’ll soon discover that it has very low cannabidiol percentages and levels.

Therefore, it’s important to consider a few determining factors when choosing the best wholesale CBD distributors online.

Track Record

Online dispensaries like Cheef Botanicals, has a decent and credible reputation. It’s important that you refer to previous client’s reviews and recommendations to make sure that the distributor has had more successful transactions than unsuccessful.

The internet is filled with honest reviews from those who have been scammed and played. Luckily, they never shy away from naming and shaming a dishonest distributor. Go back into history and double check the company’s references. If they claim to have successfully distributed products to thousands of clients, then the proof should be there.

Wholesale or Not

Some dispensaries aren’t known for selling CBD products at wholesale. Selling by the bottle and selling raw materials are much different. You don’t want to end up buying hundreds of bottles from a dispensary that only acts as a middle man.

If you do end up buying from a person that’s only selling someone else’s product, you’ll pay much more than you would when you find a trusted distributor. Middlemen aren’t that uncommon, as a matter of fact, it’s a smart business move. But as the customer, you’ll pay an extra few dollar on markups to the middleman.

Read this article on how to avoid the middle man and pay the right prices to the right distributor: hbr.org.


Pricing and Costing

Usually CBD products that are sold by the bulk will be priced per gram or kilogram. Depending on the quality and the type of product the price will vary. Some distributors might even offer potential clients free samples of the different products that are available. This will promise a guarantee in future quality and customer service.

Successful and experienced distributors will be able to give customers extra discounts when they buy a certain amount of product. You’ll be able to save more when you buy more. CBD wholesale distributors will give returning and regular customers even better prices. So, ensure that you build a trusted relationship with a distributor from the start.

Once the customer has decided to use the distributor to purchase wholesale from, they will be able to provide an in-depth costing quote and invoice. There shouldn’t be any hidden costs and all pricing should be transparent.

Additional costs that might be added onto the invoice will most probably be transportation, handling fees, and import taxes.

Client Service

In case of emergency, you are going to need open communication with the distributor. Make sure that they have relevant customer service systems put in place. Either a 24/7 online chat bot, email assistance, or a direct phone number.

Distributors that have a physical address and landline are also more trusted than others.

Product Information

There are so many different types of cannabis strains and CBD products available on the market. Read this article for more information on the different types of CBD products that you can consider purchasing in bulk. Because of the variety of cannabidiol products on the market, it’s even more important that customers consider the product information.

Distributors who sell wholesale should give in-depth information on the product. This might include THC and CBD content percentages, other ingredients, manufacturing method, and CBD extraction methods. Other information that customers might request will be how the product is farmed and where it is cultivated.

Knowing exactly where the product comes from, especially if it’s a raw product, will ensure that you provide relevant and truthful information to your own clients when re-selling.

When you consider the above key factors when choosing a CBD wholesale distributor, you’ll be able to track down and build a relationship with the right one.

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