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If you’re jetsetting, you’ve got to do it right. If your bank account is running low though, how can you still roll like a VIP?

Two apps in the market have caught our attention. The first is already adored by celebrities, professional athletes and globetrotting entrepreneurs. While the other has been launched recently, and it’s changing the way travelers think about private jets.

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Of course, we realize that traveling with your friends and family on a private jet is the most affordable way to cruise like a rockstar. But there are other tools that make private jets not only economical but definitely accessible.

Facebook JetSmarter app

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For travelers looking for “empty leg” deals, JetSmarter, launched by Sergey Petrossov, is the best app connecting you with private jets. Since there are 30% of jets that are booked for a pick up and are running on empty while en route (and vice versa,) JetSmarter is a great app to use when you’re looking to book one-way flights that are priced cheaper due to such “empty leg” flights. What we love about this app is that it contains more than 3,000 aircrafts to choose from. With a simple tap, you’re able to sip on champagne while chilling on leather seats and skip airport chaos.

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Photo: JetSmarter

A new app we’re hearing much about is Blue Star Jets, which many hail as the Uber for private jets. Just like UberTaxi, UberX or UberBlack; Blue Star Jets app allows travelers to choose the preferred type of aviation between private jet, helicopter or turbo prop. Similar to Uber allowing passengers to designate a pick-up location, Blue Star Jets asks the travelers which airport to be picked up from and where he/she is headed.

Within four hours from the booking process, you’ll be dashed away in completely style, drenched in luxury.

Blue Star Jets App

Photo: Blue Star Jets

What a way to travel! #LifeIsGood.

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