What You’ll See Inside “Love Stories Museum”

Even a coffee mug from Sweden can bring together a couple.

While Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships is a must-see, a similar museum dedicated to love opened in Dubrovnik during May of this year.


Love Stories Museum is the world’s first museum dedicated to romance and love. Similar to most museums in Croatia, the space itself isn’t massive but every room exudes tender sentiments with displays of personal love stories and nostalgic objects from around the world.

Check out a simple coffee mug, a souvenir from Sweden that brought together an American couple. Or, a story of a couple who met at a funeral then decided to divorce but their marriage survived by the courage of one last attempt to make it work.

Since many films and TV series have been filmed in Dubrovnik, the museum also dedicates a section to romantic plot lines from movies and shows captured in the city. Think: Game of Thrones, Robin Hood, and even Star Wars. An additional music section features inspirations for some of the greatest love songs.

Just like Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships, Dubrovnik’s Love Stories Museum houses international narratives. If you wish to share your own personal love story, you can donate an item which may end up as part of the museum’s display.

“Love Stories” ends with a Love Wall, on which you can sign and draw. Your mark can be part of “the most romantic wall in the world.” What a lovely way to spend an afternoon in this heated Dalmatian city.

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