What To Do In Paris When The Weather Isn’t So Fine

Yes, it rains sometimes.

Paris is not always as perfect as we see on those well-composed, mannered photographs. Yes, it rains sometimes. But we want to make the most out of our day once we are there, don’t we?

Discover the Hidden Passages of the City

Step back in time, and go back to the beginning of the 19th century. Discover Art Nouveau in Paris, “The Beautiful Era”, of La Belle Époque.

The “New Art” was inspired by natural forms and structures. Explore the beauty of these curled lines of plants and flowers through the passages.

Galerie Vivienne (map)

Go to Museums

Yes, of course it might sound cliché  because everyone might think like this, to stay indoors and say, “hey, let’s go to museums.” But you can be well-prepared! You can book your tickets before, and use them later for the days when the weather isn’t so charming. This way you can avoid long lines.

Book ticket to Louvre here.

Walk Through the Graves of Pére Lachaise

If you are seeking something spooky and don’t mind the weather, a graveyard might sound like a good outdoor plan. A cemetery surely has a unique atmosphere on a rainy day. Pére Lachaise is the most visited necropolis. All art styles are represented, from gothic to ancient-style mausoleums. It is an interesting program to grab a map and find out the graves of legendary people like: Moliére, Chopin, Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison and more. Check out this virtual tour.

Warm Up Yourself with Some Hot Chocolate

Last but not least, sitting in a fancy café like a Parisienne is a must-do activity. The most famous spot for french hot chocolate is at the luxurious Angelina. It’s rich, thick, and delicious, almost like a pudding but still not too sweet. Perfect. After the warm up, trying one of their famous cakes or éclairs is a must too!

Embrace It!

Paris has it’s charming atmosphere even on those grey days too. Grab your umbrella and have a romantic walk!

Photos: Dorina Nemeskeri

Dorina Nemeskéri

Contributor, JST SHOP Vendor

Dorina works as a fashion illustrator based in Hungary. She is a dreamer, always in search of new inspirations on her adventures. She can never travel without her watercolor kit!

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