This Blogger Shares Favorite Instagrammable Places In Hong Kong

The best photo-ops.

Andre Cheung
Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui. Photo Andre Cheung 

While traveling to a new city, most of us are looking for the best of what the city has to offer, cultural wise and photo-op wise. We talked to Andre Cheung, lifestyle blogger based in Hong Kong, in order to get the inside scoop on the must-go places that truly capture the heart of Hong Kong. These places will be sure to give you that instagram-worthy photo people won’t stop asking you about.

It is without doubt that the Victoria Harbour is the most iconic scenery in Hong Kong. At Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, you will find it a good place to capture the best moment of the waterfront, both at day and night time; there are also ferries and cargo ships, graffiti walls for you to take Instagrammable photos.

Andre Cheung
Victoria Harbour. Photo Andre Cheung

Opened in 2011, the City U’s Creative Media Centre becomes a popular photo spots for architecture and minimal stylist. It has cutting- edge and 3-D design contrast with the simple white-grey colour. Check their opening hour and come during the school day off!  

Andre Cheung
City U. Photo Andre Cheung

My favourite cafe in Kennedy Town. Its black and white tiles make it the perfect background for product and styled shots. Not only it serves the best Australian coffee in Hong Kong, but it also serves handcrafted beer, pastries and green tea egg tart made from a local bakery. Make sure you come at day times where sunlights strikes right down at the cafe corner 🙂

Andre Cheung
Kennedy Town. Photo Andre Cheung

This photo was captured at Choi Hung Estate. The prominent backdrop and rainbow-coloured public housing estates was awarded silver by the Hong Kong Association of Architects in 1965. And later become one of the most famous hotspots for many photographers. I would suggest to come on weekdays to avoid the crowds, also do not disturb the residents and avoid the kids who play around the basketball courts.

Andre Cheung
Choi Hung Estate. Photo Andre Cheung

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