Love Is The Resolution: Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” In Vienna

Nearly every German college student has some replica of Klimt’s painting in his/her dorm room.


In Vienna, Gustav Klimt’s collection in the Lower Belvedere was mesmerizing. Klimt’s many works: landscapes, women and sketches line the walls of the gallery.  But his paintings do not calmly stare back; the paintings, instead, invite the casual observer into flower meadows and winnowing rivers. His talent seeps through his work; moreover, his heavy and rich symbolism illustrating human desire and nature’s beauty transcends time and applies his paintings to modern day.

Making my way through the gallery, I come across his famous painting, The Kiss. Nearly every German college student has some replica of the painting in his/her dorm room. Having seen many replicas, I had very low expectations for the painting. However, The Kiss instantly enthralled and captivated my attention. Within its golden frame, Klimt carefully encompassed compassion, dedication, bliss and love.  The embrace set in a cheery meadow and rapturous solemnity of the piece scattered with shimmering gold twinkled. The figure of the delicate woman and gentle man exhibits and refines mankind’s innate softness and reaffirms love as the solution to all.

Article written by Lucy Ma.


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