How This Thai-Indian Designer Breaks Boundaries

A total girl-boss who designs her own streetwear line and launching The Editor Magazine.

Dolly Mirpuri is a super fly designer and creative living in Bangkok. Being half-Thai, half-Indian, Dolly has a lot of deep thoughts and experiences to share on the subject of beauty standards in Thailand. A total girl-boss, she designs her own streetwear line and launched The Editor Magazine opening the conversation regarding alternative beauty. Stay tuned for more info on what this firecracker is up to on Jetset Times and find out what she thinks of beauty in Thai culture below.

What is beauty to you? 

Beauty is what we are made up of. It’s the stories and the experiences that build us. It’s what we endure and undergo. It’s the little different aspects of what we experience that make us beautiful. It’s the way we love and nurture. It’s how passionate we are. The way we care. It’s our will to fight, to create, to motivate, to inspire, to get by. The different wars we have fought, won and lost. It’s the human soul experience and the fact that we are made up of stardust and elements found in the Universe. Beauty is so much more than just a physical aspect. Being beautiful in this physical world is so much more than just ‘looking’ beautiful. Like hell, we went through a lot of pain, we had to fight to become who we are today. And right now, at this moment is when we are the most beautiful. Even in our most damaged self. The scars, the memories that have shaped you to become the person you are today. You, being the fighter. The warrior just trying to get through life to be loved. Everyone’s on the same journey. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We are here to learn, to love and be loved and if all I’ve mentioned don’t make us beautiful, then I don’t know what will.

How has traveling changed your ideas about beauty? 

I wouldn’t say traveling has changed it but it’s definitely widened the spectrum. Traveling in general can help broaden your perspective. The perception of beauty around the world is different and so traveling ‘forces’ you to appreciate beauty on its own.

When you travel, you get to witness the variation. You learn about culture. It opens your mind about beauty. Because you’re like ‘nah beauty isn’t black and white.’ Just like life. Life isn’t black and white. You learn to see beauty in a different light. Without judgement and not attached to what you’re used to. You absorb this new information and learn to admire it for what it is. Learn to appreciate the differences. It’s like opening up a new world of culture. Acceptance. You learn acceptance in appreciating other’s beauty.

What’s a different country where you think the women are beautiful? 

I think women are beautiful everywhere. There’s so much ‘beauty’ and they’re all different. That is what makes them, them. It what makes each culture different and special.

If you ask me, I’d say women are the most beautiful in their most virtuous form. I cannot stretch the importance of this. Women are the most beautiful when they are at their softest in their Motherly goddess self. Gleaming in her own presence and wearing it with pride. When they are authentic. And I’m not speaking of cosmetic surgery. Do you if it’s going to make you happy, do it. There are no rules to living. I’m saying authentic as in they have discovered their Power, their sense of self. Maneuvering this power in the power of light. To help and guide. When they have transformed into their best Self.

Who is your beauty icon? 

People like Grace Jones, Boy Child, David Bowie. Women and men out there fighting to remove masks regardless of judgements. People who aren’t afraid to be themselves and are assured of their identity. Who speak of character and individuality. We live in a world where the majority are conforming to a specific beauty ideal and we are creating a society of sheep where originality is being disregarded and concealed. We laugh at people who dare to be different. But when has it become so inadequate to be different? Unless it comes with fame then it’s not considered acceptable or convenient. But why do we need fame or money to validate that? Why do we need something unsustainable to validate the sustainable (Us)?

But society doesn’t like that because it’s Power. It’s power to stand up and accept yourself. And people are afraid of Power because it means you’re ahead of them.

One of my favorite quotes stems from this author by the name of Andrew Smith.

People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer. – Andrew Smith

What are some beauty products that you can’t travel without? 

H2O. Beauty product in disguise.

If I had to choose one it’d be moisturizer because my skin is thirsty.

And my eye liner because it gives life.

Location: Metropole Bangkok Hotel

Wendy Hung


As the founder of Jetset Times, Wendy is an avid traveler and fluent in five languages. When she's not traveling, Wendy calls Paris and Taipei home. Her favorite countries so far from her travels have been: Bhutan, Iran, and St. Bart's because they were all so different!

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