Inside 2 Chainz’s Haunted Pink Trap House

The first and only hip-hop themed haunted house.

Mandy spent four days in Atlanta

Getting off the plane to enter the the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, I was greeted by a billboard of Ludacris welcoming me to his city.

All sorts of media come out of Atlanta. In fact, I learned that television networks such as CNN, TBS, and TNT all have their headquarters there. This city is gaining more and more influence over the media, not to mention the countless other musical acts that hail from this city besides Ludacris. Notable acts include: OutKast, TI, Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, and 2 Chainz.

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In 2017, 2 Chainz released an album titled “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music”. As part of the promotion of this album, he rented a home and painted it pink and made it an attraction/humanitarian effort as he offered free HIV testing there as well. It became known as the pink trap house.

In September, 2 Chainz announced that he was reopening his trap house but this time a repurposed as a haunted house. Being a lover of both hip-hop and Halloween, I couldn’t miss it.

Haunted houses are super popular in Georgia. There are tons to choose from, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go to one during my first time in Georgia.

The trap house isn’t exactly in Atlanta but in a neighboring city called Newnan, so the drive there was nerve-racking, as it was to be my first time at a haunted house.  When you pull up the trap house, there’s a DJ outside playing music and a booth where you can get snacks. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a masked clown who was running around and scaring people who were waiting in line.

No photos are allowed inside the trap house itself but it was definitely spooky. There are loud jarring noises, people following you throughout, and things that unexpectedly pop out as you are making your way through. What was unique were some hip-hop additions including 2 Chainz music being played throughout, and a dancer at the very end of the haunt which signaled that all the fearful parts were over.

The pink trap house is evidently the first and only hip-hop themed haunted house and is definitely a worthwhile excursion for anyone in the Atlanta area this fall season.


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Mandy Mogannam


Mandy enjoys baking, 90's R&B & indulging in french pastries. Her favorite travel experiences are swimming in the hot springs of Budapest & riding a camel in India.

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