A Question Of Faith At The Vatican

Growing up in a primarily liberal town, in a non-religious home, I have never felt a strong association to a particular faith.


I never have been quite sure about my beliefs in God.  Growing up in a primarily liberal town, in a non-religious home, I have never felt a strong association to a particular faith.  However, when I entered St. Peter’s Church at the Vatican in Rome, I felt my breath escape me and the presence of something greater ease through my soul.

The outside of the church was impressive in itself.  With long, thick white columns and statues propped across its top, the building stretched high into the sky.  A long line of people, sweltering in the heat, awaited the security and clothing checkpoints.  Once I was deemed appropriate to enter the church, that is my knees and shoulders were covered, I finally climbed the steps to the entryway and walked through the majestic door.

The inside of the church was not like anything I had ever seen. From floor to ceiling, the building was a masterpiece. Statues big and small were found in the walls and hanging from arches.  The brilliant bronze ceiling was complimented by natural light that escaped from numerous oval windows. Incredibly intricate domes towered over the visitors as they gazed up at them in awe. Holiness seemed to breathe through every aspect of the church’s being.


As a visitor from the United States, I couldn’t help but think that there was nothing in my country that compared to this immaculate building. From the architecture to the artwork, the building worked in perfect harmony and gave off an effortless feeling of spirituality.  The building made me wonder: what is it about this church that made a non-religious person feel some sort of spiritual presence? Can it just be the architecture or is it something more? My questions about faith may still be unanswered, but what I do know is that when traveling to Rome, St. Peter’s Church is not something to pass up.

Allison Koblick

Allison was the very first intern at Jetset Times, Inc. and she's simply a fantastic lady! A graduate from UC Berkeley, Allison grew up traveling and continues to travel throughout the world today. From South America, Europe, to Asia. She stays active and explore the world in style with a big smile.

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