5 Tips For Business Travelers To Maximize Productivity At CES


CES 2015 Las Vegas

With CES (Consumer Electronics Show, January 6 – 9, 2015) just around the corner, business travelers from around the world are flocking to Las Vegas with the latest gadgets to show off while getting ready to walk the show floor like working dogs on haywire.

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Every year, it’s the same routine, you’re running from managing the booth, then jetting to the coolest conference unveiling the world’s hottest gadgets then bustling through sales meetings with potential clients. CES is that crazy time of the year, kicking off the New Year with a ton of tech enthusiasm and a whole lotta marathons from hotel rooms to the tradeshow floor.

As a business traveler, how should you maximize your productivity while hustling through hundreds of meetings and working the booth? We’ve got great tips for you to get through CES with heightened efficiency so you can work hard and play hard.

1. Synchronize!

Thank you Cloud-based storage systems! You know you’ll be sending and transferring PDFs and Power Point Presentations from computers to tablets to smartphones as you run from show rooms to hotel rooms. So benefit from iCloud if you’re an Apple user, and remember that Google Drive allows you to work offline.


Photo: iCloud

2. Charge ’em!

Don’t let the fear of your gadget’s drained battery life take over your tradeshow life. Yes, there’s not a worse nightmare than your phone or laptop running out of battery in the middle of a crucial sales presentation. With so many gadgets being lugged around, there’s no need to look for electrical plugs wherever you are. Check out QBracelet wearble charger for your smartphones or TYLT ENERGI+ BACKPACK – a next-gen briefcase, backpack and mobile charging station so you can route the cables to any one of the 5 External Pockets or 2 internal Pockets.

Courtesy: YouTube

3. Give your hotel room a makeover!

Even if your company has rented a gigantic ballroom for your entire team to work at, transforming your hotel into your own workspace is the best way to maximize efficiency and productivity. Why? Because you’ll be without the noise of others and can truly focus on bringing your concepts to life. So wire up your hotel room with laptops, tablets, smartphones and hook up the television screen with your PPT presentation. You’ll condense 10 hours of work down to 5. Promise.

Delano Las Vegas 5

Photo: Delano Las Vegas

4. Don’t rely on Wi-Fi, CREATE your own hotspots!

How do you stay connected when there’s no Wi-Fi in sight and your smartphone isn’t getting any reception? There are quite a few devices you can use to stay connected while charging your phone. Our favorite is the Verizon Jetpack which connects your Wi-Fi-enabled devices. This gadget provides that link—even when outside the country. It also connect up to 15 Wi-Fi–enabled devices to 4G LTE and 3G so you can stay powered with ample battery life and even charge external devices.

Verizon Jetpack Wi-Fi

Photo: Verizon Wireless

5. Apps, apps, apps!

Let’s be real, you’ll be living on your smartphone throughout the show. From staying on track with your long list of meetings to taking meeting notes, there are so many apps created to help you stay organized and most of all, stay sane. TripIt is one of our favorites, it’ll store all your meetings, prep time, reservations, flight info, mileage points all in one single place. If you change your plans, the app also keeps tracks of your most updated information. Evernote is another app that oversees all your meetings while you can also utilize the app to take notes with.

Evernote business travel

Photo: Evernote

Good luck a CES, use these tips to get the most out of your business travel in Vegas!

What do you think of these business travel tips? Let us know in the comments.

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