Meet Sheep Chen: Chinese Street Artist Bringing Folklore To Life

Sheep Chen’s work is a psychedelic blend of animals, humans, and characters from Chinese folklore.

Known for his uplifting murals and positive vibes, Sheep Chen is an up-and-coming street artist based in Jiaxing, China. His vivid psychedelic murals, which are impossible to forget, have marked Sheep as one of the most exciting young artists in China.

When Sheep met a team of graffiti artists in 2008, he was inspired to assemble his own graffiti squad, named Fours, in his hometown of Jiaxing. In their studio, they practiced tagging around their hometown and learned everything they could about graffiti. Sheep eventually moved to Singapore, where he joined the RSCLS street art team. From there, his art gradually evolved from graffiti to murals. He later had a significant period of focused internal cultivation when he spent some time at Nanchan Temple in China, after which more spiritual influences began showing up in his work. From 2017 and on, Sheep was invited to an increasing number of international exhibitions and festivals. He has participated in POW! WOW! festivals in Guam and Hawaii, and took part in this year’s Brisbane Street Art Festival. He’s currently working on a large-scale project for a shopping development in Guangzhou.

Sheep Chen’s work is a psychedelic blend of animals, humans, and characters from Chinese folklore. His murals with bright whirling colors looks like fantastical scenes out of a dream. Balance means everything to Sheep, both in his life and in his art. He attempts to find the right balance in the composition and colors so that they convey a positive sense of mindfulness to the viewer. This balance is represented by the sun and the moon which can be found in every masterpiece by Sheep. The all-seeing third eye is a constant presence in his work as well.

Sheep’s primary objective in life and in art is to spread big love and positivity to everyone he reaches. He takes careful consideration of the location in which his murals will be placed in order to deliver maximum positive impact to the viewers in the area. Sheep’s mural in Hong Kong, which is aptly named “Blow,” was intended for hyperactive city dwellers to look up at the image and feel their stress and worries simply blow away. His stunning mural in Shanghai is next to a hospital, so he specifically used brighter colors in order to give patients a sense of hope whenever they step out of the hospital. The harmonious elements behind his work effectively transfer to the urban spaces they occupy. A glimpse of Sheep Chen’s art is always a guaranteed dose of joy and positivity. 

In the street art community, Sheep is known as a low-key, humble, and hardworking artist. He’s a kind soul who is always sending positive vibes to his friends and the public. He cares greatly for others and is on a mission to actively create joy and love in the world. Sheep’s compassionate nature clearly shows through in his art. It’s only fitting that a kind human soul like Sheep could create works that bring peace and mindfulness to anyone who passes by. 

With his rising recognition in the international street art scene, there’s no doubt that the world is bound to see more inspiring creations from this profound young artist. No matter how big or popular he gets, Sheep’s mission to convey balance and big love to others will always stay the same.

To follow Sheep Chen’s work, follow him on Instagram @sheep.chen

Nadia Cho

Communications Associate

As the empowered female behind the blog: International Women of Mystery, Nadia reps Team JST traveling the world in search of exclusive features on hidden gems and cool hotspots. You can find her exploring metropolitan cities or lounging on tropical beaches.

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