Top 6 Things To Do In Monaco That Make It The Perfect Getaway

Casino, opera house, luxurious hotels and nightclubs, and much more.

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Monaco is a very small independent city-state that is located on the Mediterranean coastline of France and it is well known for offering amazing attractions that draw in tourists all year long. The city offers the popular Grand Prix motor race that takes place in the streets of Monaco once per year and there are many great points of interests, including casino, opera house, luxurious hotels and nightclubs, and much more.

Here’s the top six things you must see in Monaco!

1. Points of Interest to Visit

Monaco may be a small area in France, but it is packed with amazing things to do and historic places to visit. With a trip to Monte Carlo or a stroll through the historic streets, visitors will be amazed with the charm and serenity that can be found here. There are many points of interest throughout the city and visitors from all round the world enjoy everything that is offered.

From botanical gardens to royal palaces, Monaco can deliver a trip of a lifetime and will surely create lasting memories and magical moments—visitors will enjoy strolling through rose gardens and tour the hallways and passages of palaces that are hundreds of years old. Get to know some of the top attractions below and start planning your next trip to this magical French location, full of luxury and serenity.

2. Prince’s Palace

The Prince’s Palace in Monaco was built in 1191 and serves as the official residence of the Prince of Monaco. The Palace offers a great blend of architectural styles; since the end of the 13th century, it has been the home of the Grimaldi dynasty. When the palace was first erected, it was a Genoese fortress, and, in later years, the defense system was upgraded with four towers and a curtain wall. It continued to be upgraded throughout the years.

Today, the Palace is one of the main attractions in Monaco and visitors can enjoy the great history of the location as well as the current state of the Palace, which offers amazing architecture and landscapes.

3. Monaco Cathedral

The Monaco Cathedral is perhaps one of the most impressive monuments in the area and it is where Princess Grace and Prince Rainier III were married. The cathedral is home to the tombs of formed Princes of Monaco and there are many religious festivals that are hosted at the site, including the National Holiday and the Feast Saint Devote. Built in 1875, the church was dedicated to Saint Nicolas and is now a popular venue for weddings and special events.

4. Princess Grace Rose Gardens

The Princess Grace Rose Gardens is a must-see for any visitor to Monaco. The garden provides respite from the busy and active Monte Carlo. With thousands of blooms and sweet scents in the vicinity, this location is one of the most peaceful in the city. While the garden is small, it is a place that will create memories of a lifetime and visitors will also enjoy the contemporary sculptures that are nestled among the roses. The Princess Grace Rose Garden is dedicated to Princess Grace and features over 4,000 gorgeous blooms on display.

5. Monte Carlo Casino

The Monte Carlo Casino is one of the top destinations in Monaco and Charles Garnier built it, who is the same architect that built the Paris Opera. The casino is also home to the Monte Carlo Opera and offers gaming in an elegant setting. With a long history of over 100 years, this casino is home to some of the most exciting games, including Chamin de fer, Trente et quarante, English roulette, European roulette and many more great games.

Featuring hundreds of slots, amazing table games and a breath-taking environment, this casino is one that will surely complete any trip to Monaco. If players are looking to enjoy gambling online, be sure to check out the great that can be accessed 24 hours a day for in-room gambling action without having to leave the hotel or step foot inside the Monte Carlo Casino.

6. Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo

Visitors who check into the Monte Carlo SBM resort will benefit from the Thermes Marins Monte Carlo, a top-rated wellness and health treatment center. This is a perfect place to take a break and relax from the hustle and bustle of busy days in the city. With four stories and over 7,000 square meters of space, the complex offers the most luxurious health break.

Located in the heart of Monaco facing the Mediterranean, visitors will not only enjoy spectacular ocean views, but will also get the best massages and spa treatments anywhere in the city. Everything found at the resort is directly related to wellness, including an outdoor jacuzzi, a solarium, heated pools, fitness rooms, private spa services and everything needed to enjoy complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

Monaco: Travel to the Perfect Getaway Location

While there are many historic and scenic locations to visit in Monaco, some will be looking for excitement and action, which can be found at local hotels and casinos. With the ability to spend an evening at the tables and play some of the hottest casino games, Monaco visitors will benefit from top rated accommodations as well as access to one of the best casinos in the area. With five-star accommodations, endless casino action and amazing amenities at hotels and resorts, any visit to Monaco will be complete when paying a visit to these top attractions.

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