Top 5 Things To Do In Calgary, Canada

Historic attractions, parks and museums to boot.

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Located in Alberta, Canada, Calgary is fast becoming a burgeoning hot spot for travelers and first-time visitors. As the fourth largest city in Canada, it offers a variety of wonderful historic attractions, parks and museums to boot. Situated along the banks of two rivers, this beautiful city offers an eclectic array of hip restaurants, hotels and unique hidden gems. Here are the top five things you need to do in Calgary!

1. Prince’s Island Park 

Located in the heart of Calgary, Prince’s Island Park is the city’s renowned gorgeous green space. Established in 1947, this beautiful park is situated on an island in the middle of the city’s lovely Bow River. Full of tons of activities for tourists and locals to enjoy, including plenty of walking and biking paths, picnic areas and playgrounds for families, flower gardens and more. It’s the perfect spot to go canoeing on the river in the summer and skating on the lagoon in the winter. Check out River Café for a lovely cup of coffee or tea and relax while people watching.

2. Calgary Zoo, Botanical Gardens & Prehistoric Park

As one of Canada’s largest parks, Calgary Zoo is a popular destination showcasing more than 1,400 animals, including many rare and endangered species of animals. Situated in the middle of Bow River on St. George’s Island, the zoo features an incredible array of nocturnal exhibitions, beautiful botanical gardens and unique ecosystems made to perfectly mimic the conditions of their natural habitats.

Don’t miss the Creatures of the Night, a nocturnal exhibition featuring nearly two-dozen life-size dinosaur replicas in Prehistoric Park. It’s a great place for kids and to spend a day with the family. The best time to go is in the spring when newborn animals make it a fun time to visit the park.

3. Race Against Time For A Thrilling Experience At Escape Hour

If you’re looking for a unique adventure to enjoy with family or friends, then look no further than Escape Hour! Voted as the best quest room in Calgary, Escape Hour offers unique special-themed escape rooms for a truly unforgettable experience, from 1920s-era prohibition to futuristic cyberspace. In case you’re not familiar with escape rooms, it’s a real-life game where you and your group of friends are locked in a closed room and tasked with solving puzzles, deciphering riddles and unlocking hidden doors, all the while racing against the clock in under 60 minutes to get yourself out of the locked room.

You can bring up to 10 friends and multiple levels of difficulty to choose from. There’s a dedicated game master for each room, ensuring everything goes smooth and watching you in case you need any help or clues if you get stuck. Not to mention, the entire experience is customizable to your group and preferences. If you love challenges and eager to test your wits, Escape Hour is the place to go for adventurer-seekers and keen travelers turned detectives!

4. Get Your Adrenaline Pumping At Skyline Luge Calgary

For an exhilarating thrill, Skyline Luge Calgary is where you want to go. Located at Winsport Olympic Park, this 5,900 foot (nearly 1,800 meter) all-downhill track features more than 50 exciting turns, which is sure to satisfy even the most adrenaline-filled junkies. Each luge is specially made with exceptional braking and steering capabilities, giving the rider complete command over speed with full control of vehicle. It’s a great way to do something fun with family or friends and riders of all experiences are welcome, from novices to pros.

5. Admire World-Class Race Horses At Spruce Meadows

If you love horses, then this is your place! Home to a world-class equestrian facility, Spruce Meadows is world-renowned for its annual horse events and races, including the Nakoda Series and Summer Series. In addition to breeding and training beautiful Hanoverian horses on site, there’s a popular contest held each year called “Name the Foal,” where visitors get the chance to name a newborn foal (baby horse).

For a lovely day at the races, bring the whole family, where there are plenty of educational programs aimed at teaching kids about numerous subjects related to horses and the surrounding land, including agriculture, wetland ecosystems, horse anatomy and health and more. Spruce Meadows is open year-round to the public, and visitors are free to wander and explore the grounds and stables.

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