6 Scenic World Destinations MADE For Adventure Photography

Traveling and photography go hand-in-hand.

Scenic World Destinations

People are fond of traveling to various parts of the world during their vacations. There are multiple factors that entice travelers to visit the most exotic parts of the world, such as nature, culture, food, animals and historic sites. It goes without saying that traveling and photography go hand-in-hand.

Capturing your traveling experiences with photography is a great way to share those memories with others. Not to mention, you could even submit your travel photographs into a photo contest and win a prize. Here are six of the world’s most scenic destinations made for adventure photography!

1. Arctic Circle

This place will make your heart pump with the deepest fjords on the planet and some of the largest glaciers. These are photos that can win any contest. Anyone who visits this region should not forget to capture the old Viking culture, old buildings in Norway and historic cities such as Bergen. In your travels to this region, you should definitely capture some of the mountains in Iceland as well, which offer a beautiful view that cannot be found in other parts of the world.

2. Croatia Coastline

From a country that has experienced civil war not more than thirty years ago, Croatia has transformed to a place where every person would like to live. Its coastline forms one of the most scenic regions that all travel photographers need to experience. There are more than one thousand islands in this region, most of which are located in the Mediterranean Sea while others are on the Adriatic Sea. Old Dubrovnik city still maintains the 16th-century wall that was used as a defensive line for warring groups.

3. Southeast China

China is a big and diverse country that has some of the most scenic regions where one can take award-winning photos. However, Southeast China stands as one of the best areas to capture pictures for any person traveling in China. The Golden Triangle is one of the best regions to get some photos. This region includes major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, which are a dream destination for any person out there. You cannot visit China and forget to take iconic photos from one of the most fascinating features around the world: China’s Great Wall. You can also consider capturing the landscapes surrounding Guilin city, which is among the most beautiful places in the world.

4. Egyptian Pyramids

Egyptian pyramids are iconic physical features on the northern part of Africa and around the Middle East region. There are pyramids in other parts of the world but these giant monuments are man-made – built since the beginning of civilization, which makes them some of the most attractive features in the world to shoot on camera. There are other important things to note and capture in this country, such as the Aswan high dam and the longest river in Africa, River Nile. You can also go ahead and capture the vast deserts that formed significant parts of the Israelites’ journey from captivity.

5. Wilderness at Alaska

Every person who has seen the wilderness at Alaska knows what this article is talking about. This is the region where a person will see vast coastal regions with natural but uninhabited beaches. You will get an opportunity to capture breathtaking photo shoots without interference from other travelers. That is not the end, as you can travel farther and capture the mountains and valleys to add extra excitement to your photos.

6. The East African Region

This is a region blessed with almost everything that a traveler would like to capture during their travel. Some of the highest mountains around the world such as Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro are some of the most fascinating sights that you will encounter. When traveling for sunbathing or coastal dishes along the Indian Ocean coastline, you cannot forget to capture the floor of the Rift Valley, one of the most magnificent valleys in the world.

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