Don’t Leave Home Without These Amazing Apps on your Phone

Smartphones have changed the world for many of us.

In just one decade, smartphones have changed the world for many of us. Aside from becoming invaluable companions in our everyday lives, they have also become the device of choice for keeping up with friends, relatives, news and the continuous flux of information that floods us from all directions today. And they can be helpful beyond just keeping us in contact with the world around us – smartphones can help us in a variety of situations thanks to the amazing variety of apps available for them.

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When you travel to a faraway place where you don’t know the native language, you should always keep your smartphone on hand. It can not only help you find your way through unknown cities and other destinations, it can also make it possible for you to communicate with locals in case you are lost thanks to the variety of translation apps available. Even Google Translate can “read” the street signs for you if you give it access to your camera, and there are other apps based on speech recognition that can listen to what the locals are saying and translate it to English for you.

Long flights can become less annoying if you load your smartphone with enough in-flight entertainment to last until you land. EBook readers are among the 8 travel apps to make your next flight easier without you having to carry physical books with you, which can be quite cumbersome especially when each pound of extra luggage can cost you a great deal on flights.

Banking and payments have become easier and more secure thanks to the advent of the smartphone along with its superior security solutions. Now you can “upload” your credit or debit card into the right service and use it to pay at an ever-increasing number of places without too much hassle – after all, you won’t leave home without your phone, would you? With the number of participating banks increasing each month, the mobile payment services offered by Apple, Google and many other contenders are making digital payments as simple as nearing your phone to a sensor.

Last, but not least, some of today’s smartphones can help you work from pretty much anywhere if you have the right equipment at hand. Solutions like Samsung’s DeX dock – which allows you to connect your smartphone to a large screen, keyboard, and mouse – can turn your hotel room or a friend’s house into your office. Using the DeX transforms your Samsung Galaxy S8 into a desktop computer, allowing you not only to get things done while away from your desk, but also to work remotely on your desktop computer with the use of a VPN connection.

With smartphones becoming an indispensable part of our lives, how do you like to use them? Let us know in the comments below.


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