3 Safety Risks To Watch Out For On Cruise Ship Vacations

Anything can happen while out at sea.

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Cruise ship vacations are ideal for singles, couples and families. Most cruise ships are equipped with a variety of entertainment features, such as swimming pools, scaling walls, walking tracks, gyms, bars and restaurants. In addition to the onboard activities available, passengers can partake in a large variety of exciting offshore excursions. You really can’t go wrong with a cruise ship vacation. Despite the convenience and value that cruise vacations offer, there are certain safety considerations that should be taken into account. After all, anything can happen while out at sea. Below, you will discover some of the most common dangers and accidents that are reported by cruise ship passengers.

1. Food Poisoning

Thousands of tourists report suffering from food poisoning during and after vacations each year. Regardless, if you are traveling by sea, air or land, you may experience food poisoning. There are many factors related to this condition, including unsanitary cooking processes, unsafe handling of foods and improper cooking methods. All of these can put you at risk of ingesting salmonella, E-coli and staphylococcus, all of which are known to cause food poisoning.

While you are sailing on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, you are fully dependent on the staff, management team and captain. The cruise staff is responsible for your meals, entertainment, healthcare, and most importantly, your safety. You are forced to trust the staff with your vacation and your life. There is very little you can do to limit your exposure to harmful bacteria while traveling on a cruise ship. If a member of the staff decides not to cook your food properly or does not refrigerate it properly, you could end up ingesting one of the many types of bacteria that commonly plague cruise ship passengers.

2. Bad Weather

Most people choose to partake in cruise ship vacations during the summer months. If you decide to vacation between June 1 and mid-October, you very well could encounter bad weather. Cruise ship captains typically monitor the weather conditions around the clock. And, when they believe a storm is approaching, they will decide to go around it or return to the port, both of which will put a damper on your vacation. Oftentimes, cruise ship captains are forced to navigate around bad weather and change the itinerary. This means that you may lose the opportunity to visit a specific tourist destination.

Although cruise ships are massive vessels that are capable of navigating some of the roughest water on Earth, the average vacationing passenger is not prepared to endure everything that Mother Nature has to offer. Rough seas can be very dangerous for the average cruise ship passenger. Easily avoidable accidents can occur when cruise ship staff do not follow proper protocol. It is not uncommon for cruise ship passengers to suffer injuries as the result of blunt force impact from unsecured objects or even pieces of furniture that move with the seas. If you find yourself on a cruise ship that is experiencing rough seas, it is important to avoid areas where you may find yourself at risk of being struck by unsecured or improperly secured objects.

3. Become A Victim Of Crime

While most cruise ship lines are very secure, there is always the possibility that one of the passengers or crewmembers are thinking about committing a crime. There have been reports of people being sexually and physically assaulted on cruise ships. While these crime rates are very low, they have happened and will continue to occur.

The best ways to avoid becoming a victim of crime is to always be in the presence of your family or friends, lock your expensive possessions up in the cabin’s safe and avoid areas that are known for unruly crowds, such as bars and swimming pools after dark. If at any time you feel uneasy or threatened, you should contact security. Cruise ship security personnel amongst most common cruise lines are quick to act and work with both local and federal authorities when unfortunate at-sea crime occur.

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