3 Majestic Casinos Every Tourist Should See

Way more than just gaming tables and cheap drinks.

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We’ve already covered casino tourism in a previous article showing you a handful of the greatest destinations to consider when your intention is to try your luck and dive into the world of casino entertainment. Today, you can easily play casino games from home or play and win in airports, train stations, coffee shops and pretty much everywhere. But casino tourism is not the only reason to visit some of the most famous casinos in the world. Actually, they can offer way more than just gaming tables and cheap drinks to their visitors – amazing decorations, beautiful architectural details and a drop of history. Here are three can’t-miss places below and make sure to include then on your next itinerary!

1. Casino Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden is a world-famous spa destination that was known even to the Romans back in the days of the Empire. German architect and city planner Christian Zais built its first proper spa house in 1810. The building was beautiful but relatively modest, unable to handle the influx of visitors coming to the town in the coming years. In the next century, the number of visitors coming to Wiesbaden has grown from 20,000 in 1840 to more than 200,000 in 1910, which meant a large and more modern building was needed.

The old spa building was demolished between 1905 and 1907 and a new building, designed by architect Friedrich von Thiersch, was erected in its place. The building included two concert halls, various conference rooms, and other functional premises, as well as the Wiesbaden Casino, considered to this day one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.

2. Casino Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden is another German spa town with a long history. Given its location, Baden-Baden sits on the outskirts of the Black Forest Mountains, which is a very popular destination for those seeking relaxation and recovery. The main structure of its Kurhaus (or spa house) was built in 1824 by architect Friedrich Weinbrenner who used a variety of styles in his plans – it was he who helped design the building’s notable columns, paired-griffins friezes and neo-classical interiors. Over the years, the Kurhaus Casino in Baden-Baden, which German actress Marlene Dietrich once called “the most beautiful casino in the world,” has hosted celebrity guests like Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky, amongst others.

3. Casinó di Venezia

The summer home of the Venice Casino is the oldest building that host a gambling house. Ca’ Vendramin Calergi, a palazzo facing the Grand Canal was designed in the late 15th century and finished in 1509. The three-stories high palace is built in a Renaissance style and features a facade of an exceptional beauty with interiors that are equally amazing: many ceilings decorated by Baroque master Mattia Bortoloni, chandeliers, statues, and murals all over the place. Aside from the casino, the building is also home to Venice’s Wagner Museum – the famous composer died among its walls in 1883.

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