JST SHOP: Organic Coconut Oil In Any Destination For Every Season


Kapuluan Coconut Oil

Whether you are going on a tropical vacation, or just looking to up your beauty game, coconut oil is a must. Hence, we’re introducing you to one of the newest additions on Jetset Times SHOP: Kapuluan Coconut.

The 100% natural, raw coconut oil is sourced from rural, organic farms in the Philippines, and has a wide range of important health and beauty benefits. Kapuluan products lead to zero waste and do not harm animals or our planet.

It works with all skin and hair types, but it’s especially good for dry or undernourished skin and hair. Who doesn’t want to reduce the appearance of acne and stretch marks, and help balance skin? It’s also great for cooking, and improving your oral health. The uses and benefits of coconut oil are endless, which is why it should be a staple product in everyone’s life.

You can order yours today, and choose between a variety of sizes and packaging. Check out Jetset Times SHOP for more details.


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