JST SHOP X Ono Creations: This Season’s Best Non-Leather Travel Accessories

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100% eco-friendly, sustainable. It uses purely vegan materials, without animal products.

It’s not only non-leather. It’s 100% eco-friendly, sustainable. It uses purely vegan materials, without animal products. We’re all about it, and alas, Ono Creations is in our SHOP!

Based in Switzerland, Ono Creations was created from the “cause no harm” theory, and it stands for:

A world that preserves nature through the creation of beautiful products. Imagine a world in unison. Crafting a new generation of outstanding fully ethical products that combine style and beauty while being natural, vegan and fairly produced. 

The company’s journey started in 2013, when founder Bernadette Bodenmueller was living and working in Bali. Inspired by beautiful nature and high-quality craftsmanship from local Balinese women, Bodenmueller combined everything she believed in into Ono Creations.

We’re excited to bring a range of travel-friendly products made in Germany that range from USD $40 – $374. This collection even comes with free worldwide shipping! From yoga bags to laptop sleeves, there’s really something for everyone who cares about Mother Nature and sustaining a self-aware lifestyle.

Photos: Ono Creations

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