JST SHOP x No. 13 Jewelry: Take A Piece Of The Arctic With You


no 13 jewelry

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Arctic Circle? Snow everywhere, reindeer roaming about. If the cold temperatures aren’t your cup of tea, you can still have a little piece of the Arctic with one of our additions on the Jetset Times SHOP: No. 13.

Inspired by nature & indigenous people from the Arctic Circle, these handcrafted, designer jewelry pieces are made from recycled materials & ethically-sourced gemstones. They work with indigenous artisans who live in some of the remotest and endangered places on the planet to bring you the most original and contemporary designs. You won’t find anything like these pieces anywhere else.

no 13 jewelry

A big part of their mission includes sustainability, social responsibility, excellence and integrity. All their pieces are made from recycled and reclaimed materials that are ethically-sourced. So not only do you get a luxe look, but you feel good purchasing and wearing it.

You can order yours today, and choose between a variety of styles and materials. Check out Jetset Times SHOP for more details. Welcome to the world of ethical luxury.


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