JST SHOP: These Leather Accessories Are Your Passport’s New Best Friend

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It’s not the first time we’re featuring handmade leather products. But it IS the first time we’re presenting numerous cool, rustic and handcrafted passport covers all at once. Today, we’ve add not 1 or 2, but 33 accessories MADE for your passport’s new best friend.

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INSIDE is a company based in Arkhangelsk, Russia. Since each is handmade, not one is like the other. The design is perfect for minimalists who want to hold everything in one place, including: iPad mini, phone, notes, pens, earbuds…and more. Made to last a lifetime, each travel accessory is crafted by genuine natural leather, cut and sewn by local artisans from Russia.

They come in different colors and range from less than USD $30 to over $100. Believe me, this is already one buzzed-about collection within our Jetset Times team. We’re absolutely certain that you’ll love it as much as we do!

Check out the rest of the collection on Jetset Times SHOP.

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