JST SHOP: 12 Travel-Envy Wall Art, All Under USD $60

Time to update your walls for major travel-envy vignettes? We think so! Here’s the complete look at Tracy Cheng Photography collection which you can also find on Jetset Times Shop!

A traveler’s home truly needs to reflect upon the person living in it. Are you a world lover but too busy to sort through or print out hundreds of photos you’ve taken? We’ve got an easy solution. Jetset Times SHOP is proud to collaborate with Tracy Cheng Photography on 12 breathtaking images that Tracy has captured from Slovakia’s magnificent Bratislava Castle to China’s Lugu Lake where the last matriarchal society in the world exists. Each photograph come in two sizes (11″ x 14″, 16″ x 20″) and you can opt for framed or unframed.

Why Tracy? This girl won National Geographic Travellers photo competition cover in 2012 with her splendid “One-Legged Fisherman” picture which was displayed on thousands of newstands around the world. Of course when it comes to items on our shop, we eagerly stick to our #JetsetForGood campaign. For every photograph you purchase, a portion of the proceeds help fund Harmony Home to support HIV-positive children in Taiwan and China. Read more about why we love this organization here.

1. One-legged Fisherman (Myanmar)

The famous one-legged fisherman of Inle Lake, Myanmar, shows off his skills while trying to trap fish. Available on Jetset Times SHOP.

6. Myanmar watermark

2. Steps Of The Bratislava Castle (Slovakia)

A long walk up to get to the top of the rocky hill of the Little Carpathians, where the Bratislava Castle is located. Available on Jetset Times SHOP.


3. Antelope Canyon (Arizona, USA)

Being rushed through the canyon in Navajo Parks & Recreation by our tour guide, I was able to snap a peaceful shot of the Antelope Canyon in the midst of all the people and commotion going on around me. Available on Jetset Times SHOP.

3. Antelope Valley watermark

4. Fallen Soldier (France)

Solemn display symbolizing the fallen in one of the many war museums in Normandy. Available on Jetset Times SHOP.

Normandy, France

5. Fading Chinese Wishes (China)

Chinese wishes fading in the sun are posted outside a family home in Lugu Lake, where the last matriarchal society in the world exists. Available on Jetset Times SHOP.

Lugu lake, China

6. German Double Rainbow (Germany)

After being caught in a huge rainstorm, I’m rewarded with a double rainbow. Available on Jetset Times SHOP.


7. Golden Gate Bridge (California, USA)

It’s always good to look up and take a different angle at the most photographed bridge in the world. Available on Jetset Times SHOP.

4. San Francisco watermark

8. Lagoon in Uyuni (Bolivia)

One of the many lagoons in beautiful Uyuni, Bolivia. Available on Jetset Times SHOP.

1. Bolivia watermark

9. Otavaleña Women (Ecuador)

Two indigenous women chat in the middle of the bustling Otavalo market in Ecuador, oblivious to my camera. Available on Jetset Times SHOP.

2. Otavalo watermark

10. Little Monks (Sri Lanka)

After a morning of jumping around and refusing to sit down, I finally manage to quiet the little monks I’m teaching by taking out my iPad for them to play with. Available on Jetset Times SHOP.

5. Galle watermark

11. Shoes On The Danube (Hungary)

A moving memorial to victims of the Holocaust along the Danube river of Budapest. Available on Jetset Times SHOP.

Shoes on the Danube

12. Sun Moon Lake (Taiwan)

Taking an early evening stroll around our hotel around the picturesque Sun Moon Lake after traveling most of the day from Taiwan. Available on Jetset Times SHOP.

7. Taiwan watermark

Check out Jetset Times SHOP for more! 


Wendy Hung


As the founder of Jetset Times, Wendy is an avid traveler and fluent in five languages. When she's not traveling, Wendy calls Paris and Taipei home. Her favorite countries so far from her travels have been: Bhutan, Iran, and St. Bart's because they were all so different!

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