Pick Up Your Pen For These 8 Hipster-Inspired Journals

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Disconnect from smartphones and pick up a pen to jot down reflections on a travel journal.

The best part about traveling is the chance to disconnect from smartphones and pick up a pen to jot down reflections on a travel journal. That’s why we’re excited to collaborate with Manuche Postcards From... on 8 vintage-inspired notebooks that are 100% handmade and eco-friendly made from recycled paper. The Barcelona-based company has already built a huge fan base on Etsy, with a series of notebooks that are perfect for keeping track of recipes of local cuisines you want to remake back home, and travel journals that feature some of our favorite destinations.

Sticking to our #JetsetForGood campaign, for every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will fund Designers Against AIDS to help raise AIDS awareness in the international media and towards the general public. Founder of DAA, Ninette Murk, is a good friend of ours who is doing amazing work in Belgium.

Check out these retro, hipster-cool notebooks on Jetset Times Shop that are waiting to collect your best jetset memories!



Wendy Hung


As the founder of Jetset Times, Wendy is an avid traveler and fluent in five languages. When she's not traveling, Wendy calls Paris and Taipei home. Her favorite countries so far from her travels have been: Bhutan, Iran, and St. Bart's because they were all so different!

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