9 Last-Minute Travel Gifts For Everyone In Your Family

It’s the holiday season! Just in case you’re still behind on getting all the presents ready to pass out on Christmas Eve, Uncommon Goods has brilliant ideas on travel gifts that everyone in your family can enjoy.

The online marketplace contains a wide selection of environmentally friendly, sustainable and socially responsible products that make gifting an actual gift of giving. We’ve selected 9 travel gifts your family will love you for, in the years to come! From gadgets for your dad and uncles, to accessories for your mom and aunt…get ready for those thank you hugs under the tree!

1. For Your Dad – Equation Geek Watch, USD $68

So he’ll never miss another flight! What’s even more cool about the Equation Geek Watch is the fun math stats to bring out the nerd in your dad. For instance, “i is equal to the square root of -1, so i^2= -1. The absolute value of -1 is 1,” just in case he needed some practical information.

Uncommon Goods Equation Geek Watch
Photo: Uncommon Goods

2. For Your Mom – My Life Story So Far Journal, USD $28

Don’t you ever wonder what are the lessons your mother has learned throughout her life so far? This journal will ensure that her wisdom passes down to you someday, with much gratitude and sordid stories.

Uncommon Goods journal
Photo: Uncommon Goods

3. For Sister – Literary Writing Gloves, $26.00

If your sister loves to keep up with a travel journal or aspiring to be a travel writer, then this is the coziest present you can give her while gifting her with major inspiration as she busily types away. Wow factor: these handmade literary writing gloves are inked with passages from Alice in Wonderland and Romeo and Juliet.

Uncommon Goods writing gloves
Photo: Uncommon Goods

4. For Your Brother – Upcycled Bike Tube Handlebar Bag, USD $45.00

Does he love to cruise around town on a bike, or he’s just an eco-friendly commuter? This handlebar bag, made in Colorado, is composed of upcycled bicycle tubes and recycled plastics. The uniquely earth-friendly gift is meant to keep any food items inside hot or cold while your bro is riding around the city.

Uncommon Goods bike bag
Photo: Uncommon Goods

5. For Your Grandmother – Continent Pillows, USD $95.00

If your grandmother has untold stories from around the world, these pillows may soothe her back as she sits and relives her crazy memories of blast from the past.

Uncommon Goods Continent Pillows
Photo: Uncommon Goods

6. For Your Grandfather – City Skyline Wooden Routing, USD $34

For the grandfather who has the city of his heart, whether it’s San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Austin, Boulder, Dallas, Philadelphia or Miami; this gift will be a sweet and constant reminder. Created by San Francisco arborist Dave Marcoullier, each piece is created with refined craftsmanship.

Uncommon Goods city skyline wooden routing
Photo: Uncommon Goods

7. For Your Aunt – Custom Map & Message Ornament, USD $75

Customize this gift with your aunt’s favorite travel destination. Where did she have her own Eat, Pray, Love moment? Where did she have the best meal of her life? This present will remind her of that special place during every Christmas, thanks to you!

Uncommon Goods custom map ornaments
Photo: Uncommon Goods

8. For Your Uncle – Spark Plug Plane Paperweight, USD $35.00

How cool does this paperweight look? Made in Beaverton, Oregon from recycled spark plugs, butter knives, nut and bolts; this holiday gift will put a smile on a face of any man who ever dreamed of flying high in the sky!

Uncommon Goods plane paperweight
Photo: Uncommon Goods

9. For the Kid – Portable Table Tennis Set, USD $39.95

So that he/she doesn’t get bored in a hotel room, this portable table tennis set will keep you and the kid of the family happily entertained. Best part: you can fit it in the luggage, so it becomes the best tool to stop unexpected screams and shouts.

Uncommon Goods portable table tennis
Photo: Uncommon Goods

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