8 Eco-Friendly Totes To Remind You The Magic Of Colombia

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Super durable from Andean regions of Colombia.

A truly important mission of Jetset Times SHOP is to promote smaller brands from around the world while giving back to causes that we’re passionate about.

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A few weeks ago, we introduced you to our partnership with Lolo and Chatona, a company producing beautiful ponchos and accessories from Colombia – one of the hottest destinations this year. Since then, we’ve added 8 handbags made out of 100% fique (a natural fiber that grows in the Andean regions of Colombia) that is super durable and eco-friendly.

#JetsetForGood: For every tote you purchase, a portion of the proceeds fund Fundación Escuela Taller, a non-profit organization that aims to preserve Colombia’s national heritage by teaching local communities traditional crafts, art forms and artisan methods.

I’m about to order some of these myself for a few friends who have all visited Colombia in the last year. These make a lovely souvenir for such a special country!

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What do you think of these bags? Let us know in the comments.

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As the founder of Jetset Times, Wendy is an avid traveler and fluent in five languages. When she's not traveling, Wendy calls Paris and Taipei home. Her favorite countries so far from her travels have been: Bhutan, Iran, and Russia because they were all so different! St. Bart's was pretty amazing too (wink)!

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