Road To 50 Part 37: Virginia

Virginia offers diverse allures:  mountains, shoreline, and founding history.

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Virginia is one of the original thirteen colonies of the United States, it’s home to a wide variety of attractions. It has the waterfront town of Virginia Beach, lines of mountains scattered throughout the state, and historical landmarks, including: Colonial Williamsburg Historic Area and Manassas National Battlefield Park. I have driven through Virginia several times, crossing the towering hills and mountains. Typically, I entered at elevated points with the “Welcome to Virginia” sign peering at the end of a tunnel.

In my most recent drive in 2019, I witnessed a downward sloping road, with sheer green freshly plowed hills in the distance. This drive was awe-inspiring, as the hilly scenery was quite an adventure to navigate through. The thing is, no matter how twisty the road or how steep the incline or decline, there was always a fresh batch of ridges right around the corner. They were wholesome green and majestic, with one even in a wavelike form, as if its presumably exterior grass covering was a comb through hair, into a pristine appearance.

There was an instance where the overcast seeped onto the top of some hills, making them in shades of brown from the distance. They looked like a smooth, life-size piece of chocolate that I was driving to devour. Though the hill appeared like a mouth-watering treat, the road to that spiky, gargantuan piece of chocolate likely didn’t exist.

At times, the drive led to such high elevations that I could see guardrails on the side of the road, and below was an immaculate valley with very slight hints of civilization in buildings. The pure blue sky penetrated downward onto the hills, creating a brown coffee hue – a mesmerizing color infusion. It was truly stunning, as lines of rolling hills were in disciplined rows. They looked toy-sized, so I was tempted to jump from one to the next.

This drive through Virginia was simply enthralling.

Virginia is for Lovers
Facebook Virginia is for Lovers

Rishi Patel


Rishi Patel's passion for writing is almost as great as his passion for traveling. Traveling remains the utmost favorite hobby and pastime for Rishi, which has led him to visit 47 of the 50 U.S. States and he cannot contain his excitement as he tries to reach the milestone of visiting all 50.

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