Road To 50 Part 30: New Hampshire

New Hampshire has shorelines, forests, and mountains packed in its borders.

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New Hampshire, unfortunately, was one of the states I spent the least time in during my New England excursion during summer of 2017. Though it ended up being a drive-through state, there were some special moments I experienced. My family passed through New Hampshire twice, one was through the southeastern corner and the town of Portsmouth, while the other was through the central part of the state.

Sitting at a Panera Bread in Portsmouth, we relaxed while I proclaimed that this was our 40th state on the Road to 50. This was a touching family moment, as we realized how far we had come and that this journey together was truly unique. Not many people have accomplished this feat as for myself, basking in it with my family was quite special. I must say we were all feeling impressed with ourselves for making it this far. Nevertheless, there were still ten more states left in that moment, and I had rampant motivation to finish off the rest.


Driving into New Hampshire, the lines of tall green trees surrounding me gave a pretty decent indication of the state’s landscape until we reached different parts of the state. It was scenic and enchanting. Though at times driving through thick forests and curvy roads made me ponder what lied ahead, certain openings provided glimpses of the state’s stunning mountains. They were perfectly arranged next to each other in the distance, and it made me want to get an up-close look just to stare in awe at their royal stance. This part of my family’s drive was rather quiet, so all I could do was admire the natural vistas.

The varying terrain of this New England state was impressive, with an all-encompassing natural playground for travelers that includes mammoth mountains, dense green forests that make you wonder whether you will ever escape, roads so flat and crowded near towns that surely feels like the East Coast.

Rishi Patel


Rishi Patel's passion for writing is almost as great as his passion for traveling. Traveling remains the utmost favorite hobby and pastime for Rishi, which has led him to visit 47 of the 50 U.S. States and he cannot contain his excitement as he tries to reach the milestone of visiting all 50.

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