Road To 50 Part 12: Maine

A place of geographic extremes and natural phenomena, exploring Maine is thrilling.

Jordan Pond - Acadia National Park
Jordan Pond – Acadia National Park. Photo: Rishi Patel

Sometimes visiting a place without the massive herds of people provides a more serene experience. That was evident in the great state of Maine in a Summer 2017 visit. Maine is perched in the northeastern corner of the U.S., and it is a place of geographic extremes. Maine is a faraway place for most of the country, but this faraway land is also a special land. The state is full of wilderness to explore, including one of the most visited national parks, Acadia. My family’s main goal in Maine was venturing through this park full of natural wonders. We drove from the southern part of the state all the way to the central part where Acadia is located, and the journey through the state was remarkable. Here were the best parts of being a Maine explorer:


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Facebook: Visit Maine

Maine is a somewhat remote place, there’s no doubt about that. Driving along Interstate 95, the surroundings were forests on the sides and I had no clue what was around me. I remember seeing several large trucks carrying logs and trees, basically showcasing the state’s primary landscape. Though being stuck in a forest maze the further north I went, the mystery of continuing ahead and seeing what Maine had to offer was exciting to me. Even driving from the town of Bangor in central Maine to the small town of Bar Harbor where Acadia was located, there were ups and downs on the road. The apexes provided magnificent views of the hills in the distance.

Acadia National Park

Thunder Hole, Acadia National Park.
Thunder Hole, Acadia National Park. Photo: Rishi Patel

It’s a stunning park to visit, which is what I will say first. Unluckily, my family and I had to deal with rain during our trip to the park, but that did not stop us from venturing. Acadia has so many features to explore, including Otter Cliff, Jordan Pond, Cadillac Mountain, and Thunder Hole. There were spectacular vistas throughout the park. Though the rain would not subside, my most vivid experience in the park was in Thunder Hole. It was a viewpoint of the Atlantic Ocean, and there was a small walkway next to large, jagged rocks where I walked to the end and saw fierce waves crashing against the mini cliffs. The rainy weather caused the tides to intensify, but overall it was a striking view (no pun intended). With the mist sprinkling down and thick fog, I saw the power of nature in full effect.

Thunder Hole - Acadia National Park.
Thunder Hole – Acadia National Park. Photo: Rishi Patel

Bar Harbor/Ellsworth and Bangor

These small Maine towns were wonderful, and I spent my visit in Maine in these towns. Bangor is a nice town, located about an hour away from Acadia, and I passed through the town to reach the park. My family and I went to dinner in downtown Bangor during our stay, and the town was quiet, peaceful and offered plenty of dining options. Walking through the streets felt like walking in a downtown, regardless of the size. Bar Harbor and Ellsworth were other great towns near the park. We spent a night in Ellsworth, and it gave off a nice small town vibe. It was more commercialized here though, as many tourists come here. Bar Harbor was on the water, and right at the entrance of the park, making it a tourist hub, but I unfortunately did not explore this town as much. One unique thing around these areas was the abundance is lobster cuisine, which is a Maine special by the way. Texas may have Mexican cuisine on many street corners, but Maine has its freshly caught local lobster and natural vistas to admire.

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