Love Freely! 10 LGBTQ+ Businesses To Support

Here’s a list of LGBTQ+ businesses to support during Pride and every month of the year!

Pride month celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and their right to love freely and equally. Just as Pride is celebrated all over the world, LGBTQ+ businesses are creating gender-inclusive products worldwide and making spaces where people can be themselves without being judged. It’s time to start supporting these businesses in every way we can, during Pride and beyond!


INSTAGRAM fluidebeauty

Fluide is a queer-woned makeup brand created for all gender-expressions and skin tones. All the makeup they sell is also cruelty-free, vegan, and free of parabens and phthalates. The brand was established in 2016 by co-founder Isabella Giancarlo and Laura Kraber with the specific mission of supporting LGBTQ+ youth and celebrating their diversity through makeup. Their collection includes lip products, glitters, eye and face makeup, and nail polish.

Violette and Co.

LGBTQ+ businesses. INSTAGRAM lezspreadtheword

Violette and Co. is a queer bookshop located in Paris, France. The shop has a beautiful collection of novels and essays that highlights feminism and homosexuality. The adorable shop also hosts exhibitions for queer creators, literary debates, and book club meetings where readers can discuss and learn from each others’ experiences. The bookshop is open every day except Sunday.

Rainbow Bakery

INSTAGRAM rainbowbakery

Rainbow Bakery is a treats shop and cafe located in Bloomington, Indiana. Its colorful desserts and bright decor will draw you in from a mile away. Although they’re closed for indoor seating at the moment, the website outlines a few options for delivery and take out!

Transdimensional Moving Corp.

INSTAGRAM transdimensionalmoving

Transdimensional Moving Corp. is a moving company based in New York that employs POC and LGBTQ+ folks and pays them all a living wage! The company emphasizes creating a community and providing friendly and attentive service, all while spreading their positive attitude. Transdimensional Moving. uses a percentage of their revenue to make donations as well!

Rebirth Garments

INSTAGRAM rebirthgarments

Rebirth Garments is an online store that sells fun clothing pieces and accessories for any gender, size, and ability. Sky Cubacub, a nonbinary queer and disabled Filipinx human from Chicago, hand makes all the garments. Rebirth Garments aims to create vibrant and affordable clothes for any gender-identity, with a focus on queer and disabled folks. In their mission statement, Rebirth Garments emphasizes upholding Radical Visibility, meaning that the brand is pushing the boundaries of fashion by highlighting the parts of their bodies and identities that the rest of society shames. You can visit their website and Etsy shop for more designs.



gc2b is a trans-owned company that sells chest binders. The company was founded in 2014 by Marli Washington, who was actually the first person to create and patent gender-affirming chest binders. Washington draws inspiration from his experience as a trans man, as well as his experience in product design, to create styles that are inclusive for all sizes and skin colors. The company is based in Maryland but has an online shop where you can select from a variety of chest binders.

Stuzo Clothing

INSTAGRAM stuzoclothing

Stuzo Clothing is a gender-free clothing company that highlights the queer POC community specifically. Many designs pay homage to their backgrounds and celebrate different cultures. Founded by Stoney Michelli Love and co-owned with Uzo Ejikeme, Stuzo Clothing sells a large variety of clothing pieces and is currently selling face masks. The company aspires to make those who wear their pieces confident and safe to be themselves. The store is located in Los Angeles and has an online store!

Librería Cómplices

INSTAGRAM liberiacomplices

Librería Cómplices is located in Barcelona, Spain, and has a considerable collection of LGBTQ+ friendly books, comics, movies, and more! The shop advocates for equality through creative expression and equal rights for the entire LGBTQ+ community.

Kirrin Finch

INSTAGRAM kirrinfinch

Kirrin Finch is a menswear-inspired androgynous line of clothing that aims to defy gender norms. Started by the couple Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat, Kirrin Finch has transformed menswear to be tailored to women! The name comes from two tomboy fictional characters, “Georgina Kirrin” from The Famous Five series and “Scout Finch” from To Kill A Mockingbird. The apparel is even named after some iconic fictional characters! The products are all sustainable and ethically made, with the shirts made from natural materials and made in factories with fair labor practices.

Cuties Coffee

Cuties Coffee
INSTAGRAM cutiesla

Cuties, an LGBTQ+ friendly coffee shop, is the only one of its kind in downtown Los Angeles. The shop was started by Virginia Bauman and her business partner Iris Bainum-Houle, who wanted to create a safe space for LGBTQ+ community members to hang out during the day. Typically in L.A., you’ll come across dozens of gay bars, but queer coffee shops are rare. Cuties strives to make being gay “normal” and accessible not just at night and is actively trying to foster connection within the LGBTQ+ community by creating a space for queers to exist without the pressure of acting differently. The coffee shop hosts events and meetings and prides itself on being economically accessible, especially for a place in L.A.

LGBTQ+ businesses are putting in the work to redefine stereotypes and make the world a more inclusive place. Let’s show our support during Pride and every month of the year to help these places thrive and show that they are accepted outside the month of June.