Your Guide On The Stunning Locations Of Vikings Valhalla

When you are planning your next trip away, you might find yourself being inspired by recent TV or film viewing.

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Who could fail to have been taken in by the incredible land and seascapes that have been the backdrop to the action in Netflix’s Vikings Valhalla series? This epic series sees the Nordic warriors converge in Kattegat as they plot to avenge a massacre in England. They are led in battle by King Canute. Ultimately, this is the epic story of Norse mythology being vanquished by the rise of Christianity.

The name Valhalla is a reference to that Norse mythology. Valhalla is the resting place of slain Viking warriors. It is a hall with a ceiling made of shields in the splendid palace of the god Odin. Every day the men fight with each other for sport and feed upon a fresh boar. The animal is slaughtered each morning and magically made whole again each evening. Valhalla itself is one of the twelve realms of Asgard – the land where the gods like Thor and Balder also have their realms. The story goes that come Doomsday (Ragnarök), Odin will lead 540 warriors out in battle against the Giants.

That makes Valhalla seem a pretty tricky place to journey to, but you do not have to be a battle-hardened Viking warrior to get there. In fact, you do not even need to go to Scandinavia. A hop across the Irish Sea will take you to most of the locations where the Netflix series was filmed. Many of the places are in County Wicklow and less than an hour away from Dublin. So, you can plan a trip that lets you take in some TV sets, Viking history, Ireland’s own mythology, and the ‘craic’ all at the same time. If even that sounds like too much effort, a visit to the best UK online casinos will let you play a Vikings Go to Valhalla on a video slot game.

The village of Kattegat, where the series action opens, is meant to be on a fjord in Southern Norway. However, the filming actually took place at Lough Tay. The production team built a village on the shoreline, and all the outside shots were done here. The set was then dismantled and moved to indoor studios in Ballyhenry. Most of the rugged mountains in the TV show are found on the Guinness-owned Luggula Estate, which surrounds Loch Tay. Snow and ice were added in post-production, and a few additional mountains.

Another location for the filming was Blessington Lakes in the Wicklow Mountains. These are the locations for many Viking boats’ scenes crossing the fjords and seas. They are actually a series of artificial lakes covering 500 acres and were made about fifty years ago. Other watery scenes were shot nearby at Lough Dan.

Suppose you have a little longer than a weekend to spend in Ireland. In that case, you can travel outside of the capital and nearby Wicklow to discover some more film locations. In the far west of Ireland, the Wild Atlantic Way is an extraordinary place to visit with dramatic scenery and towering cliffs. Nun’s beach in County Kerry was where the Northumberland beach scenes were shot. The beach lies below a ruined convent and is only accessible by a very steep path or from the sea by boat. It is named after the nuns who used to bathe there.

While you may now have visited most of the film sets, not far away is a place where Irish folklore, Norse mythology, and Viking history come together. Nine Daughters is a place where Viking invaders came ashore in Ireland. This is said to be the place where the daughters of the village Chief fell in love with invading Scandinavian warriors and planned to run away with them. When the Chief found out, they were all slain or thrown into the sea, where they drowned. Those warrior men would have been hoping that they did not die in vain and that the sea here was the watery entrance to Valhalla.

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