EXCLUSIVE: Upcoming THRIVE Convention In Madrid Celebrates The Best Expat Life

Expats from all walks of life will share how success & passion merge in a foreign country.


Entrepreneur and long-term expat, Sienna Brown of Las Morenas de España, is organizing an amazing convention for expats in Spain. THRIVE, taking place on November 5th in Madrid, will bring together professionals and expats from all walks of life to show individuals how they can establish successful lives and pursue their passions after moving abroad.

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Below Sienna tells us more about what inspired her to create THRIVE and what attendees can expect if they go to the convention.

What inspired you to put on THRIVE and why in Madrid? 

When living abroad, an experience can go one of two ways. There are people who move abroad with a mindset that it will be an 8-9 month vacation before going back to their home country to start “real life” and there are others who are looking to gain an immersive, life-changing experience while in their new country of residence.

THRIVE was organized to show others that you can be successful and grow personally and professionally, no matter where you are based in the world. There has never been an event like this for the expat community before and it’s an amazing opportunity to come together and learn from those who have already paved the way.


It’s a chance to show how to make the most of your time and skills to create a life abroad that expands beyond just teaching English.

It’s being hosted in Madrid for a variety of reasons but mostly so because we wanted it to be accessible and many of the attendees live in or near the area. Not only that, but the city is filled with culture and life and is a great place to feel inspired and energized.

What can attendees expect at THRIVE? 

Imagine waking up in the morning and heading to a beautiful co-working space in the heart of the post Salamanca area in Madrid. You arrive to The Shed Co and will be welcomed by someone from the LMDES team and then will head to the patio to grab breakfast, receive the schedule for the day and a few fun goodies. While there, you’ll be able to meet some amazing people and strike up a conversation about something you have in common… and this is just the beginning.


You’ll drink some coffee or tea while listening to the welcome speech, getting a sense of what the day will look like and swooning over the welcome presents you’ve received. Then, it’s time to start the sessions.

Each hour, you’ll be led to a different room to have an interactive session with amazing speakers speaking on a variety of topics, from cultural immersion to entrepreneurship and even self-care practices. There are 3 sessions each hour, so, you’ll have your schedule based on what you’re most interested in and experience an intimate session with a group of like-minded peers.

During the day, there will also be endless networking opportunities where you’ll be able to connect with others who will most likely become great connections and possibly, long term friends. You’ll also have a chance to talk to our speakers when they’re not presenting, allowing for the opportunity to learn from big influencers and game changers on a personal level.

By the end of the day, you’ll head home feeling fulfilled and inspired to take the next steps towards living a life that you’re truly proud of and with new, supportive relationships that can help you reach that goal.


Who will be speaking at the convention and what topics will they be discussing? 

Our speaker list is phenomenal! We’ve brought together over 20 individuals who have created lives abroad that they’re truly proud of. Our speakers are coming in from Spain, the US, the UK, Italy and many more countries. While the underlying theme of THRIVE is learning to live your best life, no matter where you are in the world, there will be a variety of different chats throughout the day.

Kay Fabella, will be sharing tips and tricks on how to start a purposeful business. Ryan Turner of Democrats Abroad and Fiona Govan from The Local Spain will be diving into engaging with activism and politics abroad. Influencer Nia Pettit of Fro Girl Ginny will be talking about self-love and representation. Mar Rodriguez of Escuela Entrelenguas will be sharing how to learn Spanish through cultural immersion.

The list goes on and on, all of our speakers have endless knowledge to share and you can find more information about the speakers and schedule here!

What type of attendees do you think will benefit from THRIVE? 

The beautiful thing about THRIVE is that it is open to everyone! Despite your age, nationality, ethnicity or occupation, if you are someone who is looking to take the next steps to live your best life… this is for you.

While abroad, it is vital to connect with others who share your vision and values. It’s also so important to be able to feel that you can grow both personally and professionally and THRIVE is just the place for that.

Photos: Sienna Brown

What do you think of the convention? Share with us in the comments.


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