A Female Business Traveler’s Guide To A Better Commute

We all travel…to work that is. Our business commute is just as, if not more, important than any international jetsetting we do because it impacts our daily lives.

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As someone who’s only a year deep into the working world, I myself have already learned a few lessons that can be viable for you too when it come to the daily commute. No one should have to stress about how to get to and from the office when our jobs alone can be stressful enough! From (practical) fashion essentials to mastering public transit in your city, here are a few inside tips to add a little pep in any lady’s step on her way in and out of work.

1. It’s all in the footwork.

Let’s get some shoes! (Cue Kelly from our favorite 2007 viral YouTube phenomenon.)

Ladies, ladies, ladies…let me be clear. Commuting to work in as little as an inch and a half of snow while wearing heels just isn’t going to cut it. We’ve all been there, and understand that sh*t happens, but unless that’s truly the case…ditch the heels and toss on something that makes more sense while you’re going from point A to B. First and foremost, think about comfort. Now…you may be saying to yourself, “Okay, come on. I am SO not ditching my new leopard print flats for a pair of clunky sneakers just because you said so.” Let’s just make one thing clear….we’re all aware of the quote, “Beauty is Pain,” but in this case, we’re making a (slight) exception. Absolutely bring your cute flats or heels to work, but consider traveling in comfort and in style with the following suggestions instead:

Option 1: Nike Flyknit Lunar2

Nike Flyknit Lunar2

Option 2: TOMS Olive Canvas Women’s Classics

TOMS Olive Canvas Women’s Classics

Option 3: Hunter Original Ballet Flats

Hunters Original Ballet Flats

Go for a stylish shoe in a neutral color that will provide support and that won’t clash with the rest of your work wardrobe.

2. Carry one, carry all.

What’s worse than getting caught hobbling down the sidewalk in a pair of hellish heels? Being a bag lady. This problem isn’t ideal for multiple reasons. For starters, you simply take up too much room on the bus or train. Also…you’re ‘that girl’ when you try to contort yourself and your belongings in order to make it through the revolving doors. Lastly, it’s simply inconvenient. Invest in a carry-all tote to store your everyday essentials all in one place.

Option 1: lululemon Two Times A Yogi Bag

lululemon two time yogi bag

Option 2: Mark and Graham Uptown Handbag

Mark and Graham Uptown Bag

Option 3: Tory Burch robinson OPEN DOME SATCHEL

Tory Burch Open Dome Satchel

3. Plan your backup plan. 

When it comes to your work commute, there’s one thing that’s always for certain: something might go wrong. It’s raining. The bus is late. The train is packed. You name it, it could happen. Therefore, it’s always recommended to have a backup plan. Find out an alternative bus and or train route nearby. Be sure to download bus and train trackers if either are an option in your city. These will help you perfectly time your arrival at your stop, which is an added bonus to avoid the cold during the winter months. Additionally, ensure you have a ride share app on your phone for the days when you accidentally oversleep! Finally, if your office is a mile away or less, walk to work! This option is the best to increase your daily activity levels, serve as a great stress reliever, and is surely the most cost effective option since it is obviously free.

Option 1: Bus tracker

Bus Tracker

Option 2: Train tracker

Train Tracker

Option 3: Uber

The hope is that you now feel more prepared for your daily commutes. Do you have any work commute travel hacks? If so, we’d love to know! Comment below or show us by tagging @jetsettimes!

Bree Formentini

Bree is in love with Panama. Her travel style is all about keeping things fun, adventurous and she loves trying local foods. She's never without her oversized sunnies and monogrammed carry-all tote - perfect for easy access to her camera.

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