#JetsetBeauty: What One Bangkok DJ Soundstylist Thinks Of Authentic Beauty

“For me beauty is uniqueness.”

Siri, or call her by her nickname, Lom, is one of the most beautiful girls we met in Thailand. On most nights during the week, you can catch the soft-spoken and introspective Bangkok DJ spinning sizzling beats at Centara Grand Hotel’s super luxe and jetset Cru Champagne Bar at Red Sky.

Nadia Cho, Jetset Times PR Girl, asked Lom several conceptual questions regarding beauty, here’s what the gorgeous soundstylist had to say:

What is beauty to you?

For me beauty is uniqueness. Uniqueness is the pure beauty that all girls in the world have when they’re born. To be “different” is true beauty. To be unique is true beauty. If you find your true beauty that will help you to have passion. Passion to do good things for yourself and good things for others. It’s the kindness that people can sense in you as an inspiration and touch your beauty as your own aura, it makes the world more beautiful 🙂

How has traveling changed your ideas about beauty?

Traveling as a DJ made me see different and beautiful cultures and people. That has helped me find out that I’m very unique, which has been the key to my successful career. I have my own style and character so that nobody can be me. So I clearly understand that I don’t need to be like others. Just be me.

What’s a different country where you think the women are beautiful?

Very difficult to tell! Let me choose one…I went to Laos many times and I think Laotians is a great combination of Europeans and Asians. I really like their tan skin tone, beautiful face and their Sarong dresses. They always dress casual, not too sexy, because of their culture. I used to see the girls wearing Sarongs come to my party at the club. I was really impressed.

Who is your beauty icon?

Alicia Keys!!! Why not?! 🙂

What are some beauty products that you can’t travel without?

Coconut oil. Since the first time I tried it I never ever go anywhere without coconut oil. I always use it to remove make up. Rub into skin as lotion. Use it with my hair. And I use it as sunscreen before outdoor activities to help me get a very nice tan skin tone and protect me from sunburn and skin cancer 🙂

Article written by Siri Soundstylist Sopahk. Photos: Wendy Hung

Wendy Hung


As the founder of Jetset Times, Wendy is an avid traveler and fluent in five languages. When she's not traveling, Wendy calls Paris and Taipei home. Her favorite countries so far from her travels have been: Bhutan, Iran, and Russia because they were all so different! St. Bart's was pretty amazing too (wink)!

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