A Traveler’s Dilemma: Hater’s Gonna Hate

Like the 2000’s pop group 3LW sang in their hit single “No More,” haters will always hate.

Chiang Mai
Photo: Wendy Hung

So you’ve been daydreaming about spending a summer in Thailand, exploring its beaches and making new and unforgettable friendships. You’ve decided it’s the perfect destination, and that you’re going to learn Thai and teach English while you’re there. Nothing stands between you and your dream vacay. That is, beside the reactions you’ve been getting. Whether in the form of guilt trips or excitement, people will inevitably have things to say about your sacred plans to travel.

Here are some things you may hear:

“You should be financially stable, travel when you are.”

It is true that you need money to travel. It’s also true that people don’t get any younger, and delaying your travels makes it harder and harder to get to your destination.

“You’re being a typical, spoiled, and overly idealistic millennial.”

Our generation has definitely emphasized the importance of following our interests and passions—viral sites and web content is always stressing this message. While being blindly idealistic can be detrimental to our perceptions of reality, having hope and following passions are something I believe in wholeheartedly. 

“What are you trying to run away from?”

Some people will just assume you’re traveling to leave behind some unbearable reality. You’re probably trying to get away from your family, America, or your ex-boyfriend. Travel isn’t something that is meant to be a distraction, but another layer to richen your already existing life. You’re not running away, you’re extending home.

“Your head is all over the place, traveling will make you lose focus.”

The truth is, we’re all trying to find focus during the twenties, and the only way ever know is to try things out. Travel might just be the revelation you need that shows you the the answer to the age old question of what you should do with your life. 

“Traveling long-term is unrealistic.”

 Alas, it is not unrealistic. It is non-conventional. And things that defy convention are often seen with judgmental eyes. To travel for a long period of time is a challenge in itself, but it is attainable. Hard work, grit, and self-belief will help you support your endeavors.  

Like the 2000’s pop group 3LW sang in their hit single “No More,” haters will always hate. If you can remember that, you can be confident of your own decisions, and not others’ opinions. Take the leap of faith and take the trip—it’ll be one of the best things you’ve ever done.

Desiree Constance Choy

Desiree is from San Francisco, California. She is an actress, known for 13 Reasons Why (2017), I Won't Give Up (2014) and Dreality (2016).

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