A Letter To The Ladies Of 2019

“If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.” ~ Matthew Arnold

Emma Cunningham
Photo: Emma Cunningham

It’s here! Can you feel it? The year of women uniting and taking over this previously male-oriented-world. FINALLY, it feels like we badass babes are done with the competing, criticizing, defending, pretentiousness, cattiness, and drama and are leaning on each other and joining forces towards a more collective whole.

Camaraderie is in right now. And if you’re not keeping up with it, you should be.

To the photographers, bloggers, writers, clothing line starters, hippies, yoga babes, Instagram models who claim to be public figures (you’re definitely not a public figure, but you sure as heck have been blessed with genetics), the 9-5 hustlers, solo female travelers, hair stylists, business owners, girl DJs, girl comedians, girls with really great Instagram husbands, and the girls who like other girls.

I SUPPORT ALL OF YOU. I think you are prettier than your ex’s new girlfriend. I think that you deserve that second glass of merlot. I think that you look photogenic in every picture you take. I don’t think that outfit makes you look fat, whatsoever. I think that you look stunning with or without makeup on and that you’re completely rocking that new hair color.

I DON’T support girls with naturally high cheekbones. That’s not fair. You can’t sit with us.


But unfortunately, this type of attitude it tough to come by in all women. And we can blame the media, or we can blame men, or the cities we live in, or that hungry marketing application on ALL of our phones causing comparison after comparison, or whatever catty sorority we joined in college, for causing it all.

And there’s something very wrong with that.

I recently had a conversation with a fellow female traveler. It was the first time we encountered one another, but she had caught wind beforehand of how I spent the better half of the last few years seeing the world.

Emma Cunningham
Photo: Emma Cunningham

She immediately began bragging about her global upbringing, going on and on about how she partially grew up in Europe, never really went to school because she was always heading to Latin America, skiing in the Alps, hanging with her cousins in Asia, blah blah blah.

When she finished, I realized there was no point to her speech other than to assure me (or was it herself?) that she’s far more cultured, important, and nomadic that I could EVER even dream of being.

It was a conversation that stuck with me for a few days because I realized it wasn’t the first time I had an exchange like that with another female.

And I’m here to say, WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL, GIRLS?! Haven’t we been through enough as a gender? I am SO exhausted with girls attempting to bring other girls down in an attempt to make themselves feel better, more whole, self-aware, more traveled, more successful, etc.

Every woman wants to be beautiful on the outside. But beauty is in the way you hold yourself, how you treat people, the way you speak, love, and express. It’s self-acceptance. Beauty is in your soul. If you think you’re any more of a woman because you have a pretty face, then you need a reality check.

Emma Cunningham
Photo: Emma Cunningham

No matter how educated, pretty, well-traveled, talented, rich, or important you believe you are, how you treat other women tells everything about you. And you are only flaunting the insecurities that live within yourself when you attempt to compete with, or bring down your own kind.

We are all women in need. We are not perfect. We are not machines. We need grace. We need compassion. We need to work as a team, compliment each other, and lean on one another.

And trust me when I say, if you give enthusiasm, support, and friendship towards other women, you’ll get it right back. When you start seeing other women as your allies and not your enemies, you have all the power in the world behind you, and it’s destined to be nothing by greatness.

International Women’s Day is just on the horizon. In some places, it is a day of protest for women’s rights; in others, it is a day that celebrates womanhood. But this year, let’s focus on empowering one another as females. Let’s support, collaborate with, and encourage the badass ladies in our lives. Let’s create something that is beyond energizing.

Because we all damn well deserve that.

Emma Cunningham


World traveler, writer, adventurist - you can typically find Emma out on the road, headphones on, suitcase in hand, hanging on every note the world has to offer.

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