Forgive Me Mother For I Have Sinned: 5 Beauty Fixes

For five travel beauty sins.

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When traveling, our beauty routine often gets interrupted. Whether your usual routine involves a full facial mask and exfoliating scrub or just a squirt of antibacterial soap, keeping your skin healthy while traveling can be tough. The air is different, the water feels weird for some reason, and flying at high altitudes dries your skin to scary, scaly hell. To avoid returning from your next vacation looking like a spotted dragon, I have compiled five easy tricks to avoid beauty purgatory and keep your skin looking gorgeous while you’re on the move.

Beauty Sin #1: Not washing your face before bed.

Think back to the kabob you ate on the train, or the dog you petted just before you touched your face. You do not want that snuggling into your pores all night long. If you have face wash and access to clean water, you have no excuse. But if you’re sleeping on a train, camping, or do not have access to clean water, face wipes are your best bet. They’re quick, disposable, and best of all, they double as hand wipes when you need them. My go-to wipes when I travel are by Yes to Blueberries Facial Towelettes, because they made from lemon peel and apple to help brighten skin. Now you can go to sleep knowing that your face is clean (and so is your conscious).

yes to blueberry towelettes

Beauty Sin #2: Not moisturizing.

Whether you’re trekking through the Amazon or on an archaeological dig in Egypt, air sucks moisture from your skin constantly. Water actually dries your skin further; it is essential oils and vitamins that keep your skin plump and radiant. Before you travel, evaluate what moisturizer suits your new climate best. A great option is Jane Iredale’s Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream. It comes with a wide variety of shades to fit any type of skin and it’s full of natural nutrients. UV protection is a must no matter where you are (unless you’ll be dwelling in caves for six months) and this BB cream comes with an added bonus of SPF 30. This brings me to number three.

jane iredale bb cream

Beauty Sin #3: No sunscreen.

The Earth is melting people; you cannot possibly forget sunscreen. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 45 is dermatologist recommended (seriously, mine recommended it) and doesn’t feel slimy or heavy on your skin. They use Helioplex® technology, which blocks both UVA and UVB rays from wrecking your skin. I’m not going to force you to wear it at all times, but if you’re going to be out all day, put it on in the morning the way you would any body lotion. 10 years from now you’ll actually look like you de-aged and I’ll win a Nobel Prize.

*Tip: they often sell Neutrogena sunscreen in the travel-size section, check for it if you’re going to be flying!

neutrogena sunscreen

Beauty Sin #4: Dehydration.

Issues like access to clean water make committing this sin debatable for some people, so I’m not going to rub your nose in it. However, if you’re in a part of the world that has clean water available, drink it and be thankful. If you can drink the tap water, buy a water bottle to avoid unnecessary waste. Invest in a water filter or iodine tablets if need be. Avoid replacing water with soda, coffee, or alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, so not only are you not getting water, you’re losing it faster. Take a sip of the sweet nectar of the gods and your face will thank you later.

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Beauty Sin #5: Hairbuse

(def) abusing your hair. A few quick notes should help. First of all, your hair does not need to be washed every day. The natural oils from your scalp are fantastic and should be redistributed every day with a brush. Most people can go 2-3 days without washing, (get that look off your face, you can still shower just use conditioner only) and if you start feeling greasy try dry shampoo. It is perfect for traveling, easy to use, and it works.  I love Victoria’s Secret Style Clean & Go Dry Shampoo because it smells heavenly and makes me feel human again when I’ve been traveling for an unspeakable amount of time.

victoria's secret body spray

I hope these tricks secure you a spot in beauty heaven, where “breakout” exists only in the context of music and “dry” only in humor. Hallelujah.

Lena Kazer

Lena is a Chicago native, her travel style consists of red cowboy boots that make her feel like she can take over the world. She adores Peru and can't travel without her journal to draw or write in.

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