Why Old Town Is Still The Best Neighborhood To Stay In Dubrovnik

There’s something magical about living between its medieval walls.

Dubrovnik Old Town

Old Town might be known as a prominent tourist hub, but it’s still the most ideal neighborhood to stay in Dubrovnik. There’s something magical about living between its medieval walls, protected by archival fortifications. Just in case you’re confused about where to find an apartment/hotel, here are reasons why we think Old Town is your best bet!

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1. Noise level isn’t that bad.

Dubrovnik Old Town

You may think that since it’s a tourist hub, Old Town might be too noisy for a good night’s sleep. In fact, only the main street can be rowdy. But even after hours, the noise level is surprisingly low if you’re staying in an apartment off of the main street, especially in the Ploce area.

2. Walking distance to everything.

Dubrovnik Old Town

Most of the major sites are in Old Town, including: Old Walls, Franciscan Monastery, and Game of Thrones Museum. If you’re short on time and not spending too many days in Dubrovnik, the best way to cram in every must-do is to cut down on transportation. Staying in Old Town allows you to see and do all that you want, by foot.

3. Romance is in the air.

Dubrovnik Old Town

If you love a charming apartment, and waking up to the view of the Old Walls, then staying in Old Town is ideal. If you opt to stay in the Ploce area, then get an apartment with a terrace. The rustic allure of Old Town is composed by limestone steps in narrow alleys, adorned by lines of clothes and bedsheets air drying between balconies.

4. Work off the calories by working the steps.

Dubrovnik Old Town

Just like in Hvar, Dubrovnik’s pedestrian-only streets in Old Town are great for working out! Just in case you’ve had more than enough food and drinks on vacation, hiking up and down the steps from/to your apartment is a fantastic replacement for heading to the gym!

Photos: Wendy Hung


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