Purchases With Purpose! 5 Guilt-Free Aussie Buys

Check out our top 5 guilt-free purchases from businesses in Australia and help make a difference both locally and around the world!

Photos: Facebook Zambrero Australia
Facebook/Zambrero Australia

Planning a trip down under? Australia is a country unlike any other. Pristine beaches that hug cliffs and coastlines. Vast, red, deserts stretching across landscapes of canyons and craters. And of course amongst our cuddly koalas and bouncing kangaroos, are some of the deadliest animals on the planet. For those travelling abroad, Australia can be an expensive place to travel. We recommend saving your dollars for what is important.

1. HERO condoms: Safe sex saves lives

No longer will you feel embarrassed when purchasing your protection. Hold your head high and grab a pack of HERO condoms before you go ’down under’.

For every HERO condom sold, one is donated to help fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Helping the people of Botswana meet there ‘Zero to Hero’ goal (0 new cases of HIV/AIDS in 2016), this remarkable business is strongly committed to environmentally sustainable practices. Working towards becoming a carbon neutral company, HERO products are manufactured using solar power, water recycling and are sold in 100% recycled boxes. Choose to be a HERO and help save lives! Check out the website for store locations or purchase online.

2. Who Gives A Crap?

When the founders of Who Gives A Crap learnt that 2.5 billion people across the world don’t have access to a toilet, they decided to take action.

In July 2012, Simon, Jehan and Danny launched Who Gives A Crap with a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, raising over $50,000. In 2013 they created their first range of 100% forest friendly toilet paper and tissue products and have been distributing ever since. Who Gives a Crap donate 50% of their profits to WaterAid to build toilets and improve sanitation in developing countries. To date they have saved over 12,000 trees, 29 million literss of water and have helped provide sanitation access to over 69,000 people. Your #1 (and #2) choice for TP in the land of Oz!  Give a crap and check out their page.

3. Amazonia: nutrition for the body and soul

Making you feel good in more ways than one, Amazonia is taking the health scene by storm. The delicious range of nutritious and organic products have been sourced and prepared using authentic practices, while continuing to raise the benchmark for sustainability. Amazonia is a part of a global sustainable movement, directly impacting over 10,000 families and 10,000 acres of natural land and ecosystems for the better. It takes pride in being Fair Trade, using recycled materials for pamphlets and packaging, as well as donating directly to environmental projects across the world.

Good for you and great for the environment, visit here to see their range of organic products.

4. Barkly Regional Arts Centre, NT

Australian Indigenous art is one of the oldest ongoing traditions in the world. Dating more than 30,000 years, art forms such as rock carvings, body painting and ground designs, can be seen throughout your travels to this great land. Barkly Regional Arts (BRA) is a grass-roots arts organisation working with Indigenous communities in remote regional Australia. Dedicated to supporting local artists in the region, BRA respects and celebrates these rich and diverse cultures by proving opportunities for professional and artistic development. Profits go back to the artist and contribute to the purchase of art supplies and workshops. Shop online or visit the centre if you are in town, for more info visit here.

Facebook Barkly Arts Australia. Guilt Free Purchase.
Photo: Facebook/Barkly Arts

5. Zambrero (Mexican cuisine)

In 2005, proud Canberran and philanthropist, Dr Sam Prince opened his first Zambrero Fresh Mex Grill – healthy Mexican fare, with a difference. For every burrito or bowl purchased a meal is donated to someone in need.  Through a partnership with Stop Hunger Now, Zambrero’s ‘Plate 4 Plate’ program has provided over 4.5million meals to help those suffering from malnutrition in developing countries. Zambrero is now one of the fastest growing franchises in Australia with over 80 stores throughout the country. Enjoy a chicken burrito with white sauce guilt-free! See the website for store locations across Australia.

Mary Musolino

Mary is always ready to travel on a whim, live like a local and experience everything a destination has to offer. She loves jetsetting off to Mexico, and she can never travel without patience or a good book!

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