Meet The Paraplegic Helicopter Pilot Taking Flight With Paralyzed Children

Flying high with true inspiration.

Flying high! That’s the dream that helicopter pilot Mark Brereton is making into reality for children in wheelchairs.

Brereton was a professional motorcycle racer who lost both legs during a crash in 2007. Knowing the thrill of flying provides the feeling that all is possible, Brereton told Today

“It’s the closest thing to magic, and it’s an amazing sensation. And for somebody that’s been in a wheelchair, what an amazing experience it is to fly, effectively, a chair that can go anywhere and do anything.”

After the crash, Brereton’s career as a motorcycle racer was over. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he was inspired to complete other dreams including proposing to his wife from the hospital bed. Then, he decided to become a helicopter pilot by getting a license which led to flying with paralyzed children.

By taking them on helicopter rides, Brereton wants these children to know that despite limitations, they can rise above expectations with faith and hardwork. As he so beautifully puts:

“You only get what you’re given, but whatever you’re given you need to use. You need to maximize that.”

What a true inspiration on paying it forward.

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