Here’s A List Of Organizations Helping Afghans In France

Four ways to support the Afghans in France.

Afghans in France
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Dear French Readers,

We have all seen the terrifying images spreading on social media of Talibans occupying the presidential palace, and Afghans fearing for their lives. Since the Talibans have gained control of Afghanistan, the local population is suffering. According to the Ministry of the Armed Forces, more than 2,500 Afghans arrived in France between August 16th and the 27th. As a French citizen, how are you contributing to making their lives easier? Are you really doing everything, or could you do more?

How to help Afghan women and girls

Over the years, women’s lives in Afghanistan have greatly improved: their rights have evolved as they became progressively independent. Unfortunately, the Taliban rule will lead to an immediate worsening of the condition for women and girls. According to the Minister for Women in Afghanistan, Hosna Jalil: “Afghanistan remains the worst country in the world for a girl to be born.”  One of Negar’s founders said “Wherever the Taliban went before they took over Kabul, girls’ schools were closed, and they demanded that all working women stay at home. They have also already committed numerous atrocities: against the women and children of Afghan officers whose houses they burned down, and beheaded male and female journalists to spread terror.” As a reminder, during Taliban rule between 1996 and 2001, women’s education was forbidden.

You can help these associations by providing resources or money. Donated funds will go to the organization’s employees in Afghanistan, teachers, and children and women who are trying to flee Kabul – the capital. They are also fighting to implement emergency amenities in certain cities, like: fresh and potable water. You can also help by spreading messages on different social networks.

Learn more about them by clicking on the links below:

Afghanistan Libre
FACEBOOK Afghanistan Libre

Provide clothes and objects  

Many associations are organizing drives to collect clothes and objects, such as the Red Cross, and Emmaus in Paris. Most of the Afghans arrived in France with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Delphine Rouilleault, Director of the association France Terre d’Asile stated “When they get off the plane, we first offer them the basics: sleep, eat, change of clothes. When you have nothing left, that’s all you think about.” For example, the city of Lille called for a general mobilization of the population for a clothes drive.

To learn more about these drives and the organizations, click on the links:

Sign petitions and relay them

Since the capture of Kabul, numerous petitions have been created to support certain “groups” of people in more danger. The most popular petition has been towards saving Afghan feminists. Created on August 15th, this petition has already amassed 85,000 signatures, according to the French journal Le Figaro. Many famous French figures have already signed the petition, including: the former minister of French Education, Najat Vaullaud-Belkacem, Cecile Duflot, Leonie Bureau, and numerous other women. Young or old, concerned or not, women or men, signing a petition takes less than 1 minute and can save lives.

Here are a few petitions to sign:

  • ORG for Afghan interpreters of the French army.
  • ORG for Afghan women’s rights defenders.

How to help local journalists

Journalists represent everything we stand for: liberty of speech, freedom of movement, and many more rights. But now, they are under attack and need your help. Media Support is partnering with the Afghan Journalist Safety Committee to bring journalists back to safety. If you wish to help them, donate funds and/or resources, which will go to shelters, food, clothes…etc.

Click here to known more.

Inform yourself

The Pearl that Broke Its Shell

Reading books is probably the best thing to do in order to form an educated opinion on a certain matter. Here are a few recommendations to start with:  

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