5 Black-Owned Travel Businesses You Can Support Today

As we stand in solidarity with the Black community, it remains crucial that we support Black-owned businesses in every way possible.

Although the travel industry remains one of the hardest hit markets during this pandemic, here’s a list of Black-owned businesses in the field that can be supported during these tough times.

Nomadness Travel Tribe

Nomadness Travel
Black-owned businesses in travel. FACEBOOK Nomadness Travel

Nomadness Travel Tribe is a group of travelers and expats that symbolizes the discounted demographic in mainstream travel. Evita Robinson founded the Travel Tribe to serve as a powerful embodiment of camaraderie, coming together through creating a plethora of meaningful relationships all around the world. The NOMADNESS Project, a web series co produced by Robinson and Issa Rae, follows a group of young travelers, known as the Tribe, as they share their best and worst experiences all over the world.

Travel Noire

Travel Noire
FACEBOOK Travel Noire

The objective that Zim Ugochukwu, founder of Travel Noire, set out for this initiative is simple, but immensely profound: to make international travel more all-embracing and evocative for travelers of color. They emphasize the importance of travel and make it a priority for travelers to discover new destinations. By encouraging individuals to disturb their customary regimen, travelers can live their life with people who constantly challenge themselves to be better.

Up in the Air Life

Up In The Air Life
FACEBOOK Up In The Air Life

Founded by Claire Soares, Up In The Air Life takes notice of working professionals of color who enjoy both travel and life’s finer things, such as champagne and wine tastings. With group hosted trips and an online community with over 20,000 members, Up In The Air Life offers a huge platform to connect with individuals all over the world through photos and experience.

The Real South Africa

The Real South Africa
FACEBOOK The Real South Africa

A deep love for South Africa developed into the formation of The Real South Africa Luxury Travel Company. The variety of cultures that are present within the country allow for a new type of way people can discover more about themselves. As African Americans living in South Africa, they invite the whole world as they promote luxury travel.

Tastemakers Africa

Tastemakers Africa
FACEBOOK Tastemakers Africa

Tastemakers Africa is a platform for booking trips to African cities. By working with merchants, they are able to curate unique African experiences, such as boutiques, restaurants, bars, and more. Along with that, they offer Tastemakers Tours, in which influencers are brought to a specific African city, and offer an insider experience. Founded by Cheraé Robinson, Tastemakers Africa is currently in cities such as Cape Town, Accra, Dakar, and is still rapidly expanding.

Joey Gobran


A native of Egypt, Joey has spent the majority of his life living in Cairo, despite having lived in over three countries. He is passionate about writing and basketball.

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