The Perfect Trip Has These 5 “Aha” Moments

The perfect trip requires a challenge.

1. The “I’m Not Going To Eat That – Oh Wait, Yes I Am” Moment

What’s more terrifying than something ooey, gooey, scary and chewy? No one ever remembered the night that they didn’t try the deep fried pig testicles*.

1. Eat
Photo: Lena Kazer/Jetset Times

2. The “Something About This Is Spiritual, But I Can’t Explain It” Moment

This moment is different for everyone. Some feel it religiously, spiritually, or in the form of an eerie feeling that they are in the exact place they’re supposed to be. When a moment mesmerizes you, there’s no need to explain it. Just be present and savor it for as long as it lasts.

2. spiritual
Photo: Lena Kazer/Jetset Times

3. The “Happy To Be Humiliated” Moment

You’ll recognize this moment as the out-of-body experience of literally watching your dignity walk away from you. The painful stomach cramps, hiccups, and tears of a true uncontrollable laugh are the building blocks of the perfect trip. If you run out of blocks, go sing Karaoke.

3. humiliated
Photo: Lena Kazer/Jetset Times

4. The “Yup, We’re Definitely The Same” Moment

When a person that was once a stranger of a different nationality, family, and age looks at you cross-eyed and sticks his/her tongue up his/her nose, you remember that not even a language barrier can hide the hilarity and beauty of the human spirit. No one is a stranger after ten selfies.

4. same
Photo: Lena Kazer/Jetset Times

5. The “This Was Absolutely, 100 Percent, No Doubts Worth It” Moment.

Sometimes felt staring out into an astounding view, looking into the eyes of someone you love, tasting something profoundly spectacular, or even feeling the subtle buzz of our home-flight whiskey ginger. The feeling is real. It’s what makes your trip perfect, and sends your mind into a whirlwind of “where’s next.”

5. worth it
Photo: Lena Kazer/Jetset Times

*I have no idea whether pig testicles are edible. I’m just making a point here, folks.

Lena Kazer

Lena is a Chicago native, her travel style consists of red cowboy boots that make her feel like she can take over the world. She adores Peru and can't travel without her journal to draw or write in.

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